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Vacuum Tube Audio - Understanding and Building Tube Amps, Jerry C. Whitaker


Incorporate the "tube sound" into your home audio system. Learn how to work with vacuum tubes and construct high-quality audio amplifiers on your workbench with help from this hands-on resource. This book explains tube theory and circuit analysis. Seven ready-to-build projects feature step-by-step instructions, detailed schematics, and layout tips. You'll also find out how to tweak the project designs and engineer your own custom-built, high-performance amps.

Coverage includes

  • Principles and operation theory behind vacuum tubes
  • Tube nomenclature, applications, and specifications
  • Circuit layout, connections, and physical construction
  • Planning, component testing, and documentation
  • Power supplies for vacuum tube circuits
  • Preamplifier and power amplifier circuits
  • Performance measurement
  • Safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures
  • Optimizing a design to meet your objectives

ISBN: 978007175321

UPC: 609722150774

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