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Teardowns - Learn How Electronics Work by Taking Them Apart , Bryan Bergeron

Foreword by Forrest M. Mims III

Learn practical electronics from a skilled mentor! Amp up your knowledge of electronics by deconstructing common devices and analyzing the revealed components and circuitry. This book contains 14 projects that expose the inner workings of household appliances, workbench measuring instruments, and musical equipment. Discover how resistors, capacitors, sensors, transducers, and transistors function in real circuitry. You'll even get details on custom modifications to electric guitar pickups, an effects pedal, and a tube amp. Essential instructions for safely launching your own teardowns are also included in this hands-on guide.

  • Learn about sensors and ICs from smoke detectors and motion-activated lights
  • Work with the LCD and strain gauge transducers in a digital scale
  • Discover how surge protectors, power conditioners, and UPS units function
  • Study thermal design techniques in compact florescent bulbs
  • Analyze the control systems in ultrasonic humidifiers and digital thermometers
  • Understand how op-amps and power ICs work in a hi-fi stereo amplifier
  • Figure out how ultrasonic transducers work in a laser-guided measuring device
  • Explore electric guitar pickups, effects pedals, and tube amplifiers

ISBN: 9780071713344

UPC: 609722150804

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