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Jensen Tone Poster

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This is a great poster showing off the current lines of Jensen Speakers

37" high x 24" wide.

Poster text:

"The Vintage Legend
in the 1950s
Fender and Jensen came together
to create a sound that forever changed the music industry.
Even today,
Fender uses Jensen Vintage Alnico
and Ceramic Special Design
reissue speakers in
the new reproductions
of their classic amplifiers
from the 50s and 60s.

Modern with a Touch of English
The Jensen Mod line was developed to bring
the British sound to a player's amp while
maintaining the integrity of the amplifier's tone.
The player holds the power with the Jensen Mod Series.

Hear the Future
The Neo line of speakers is both clear and soulful,
demonstrating Jensen's innovation
through its use of Neodymium magnets.
Daring to lead the way, the Neo allows
the musician to lighten the load
without limiting the sound.

First in Class
The premier Jensen Jet line shares
the same sense of groundbreaking tradition as
the original Jensen musical instrument speakers.
Knowing what players want and
utilizing the finest materials,
Jensen continues its tradition of producing
speakers with unparalleled tone."

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