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Capacitor - Orange Drop, 1600 V, .0047µF - .05µF

Capacitor - Orange Drop, 1600 V, .0047µF - .05µF image 1
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SKU: C-S-1600
Item ID: 004956
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Radial lead, polpropylene film capacitor. ± 10% tolerance.

Capacitance SKU Original Part Number
.0047 µF C-SD0047-1600 16PSD47-472K1600V
.005 µF C-SD005-1600 16PSD50-502K1600V
.0068 µF C-SD0068-1600 16PSD68-682K1600V
.01 µF C-SD01-1600 16PSS10-103K1600V
.02 µF C-SD02-1600 16PSS20-203K1600V
.05 µF C-SD05-1600 16PSS50-503K1600V
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