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Capacitors, Orange Drop, Type PS, Polyester, 600V , .0012µF - .022µF

Capacitors, Orange Drop, Type PS, Polyester, 600V , .0012µF - .022µF image 1
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SKU: C-S-600
Item ID: 004955
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Rated for 85°C operation. Polyester film capacitor with radial leads. ± 10% tolerance.

.40" diameter x.75" length.

Capacitance SKU Original Part Number
.0012 µF C-SD0012-600 6PSD12-122K600V
.002 µF C-SD002-600 6PSD20-202K600V
.003 µF C-SD003-600 6PSD30-302K600V
.004 µF C-SD004-600 6PSD40-402K600V
.005 µF C-SD005-600 6PSD50-502K600V
.0068 µF C-SD0068-600 6PSD68-682K600V
.01 µF C-SD01-600 6PSS10-103K600V
.02 µF C-SD02-600 6PSS20-203K600V
.03 µF C-SD03-600 6PSS30-303K600V
.04 µF C-SD04-600 6PSS40-403K600V
.05 µF C-SD05-600 6PSS50-503K600V
.1 µF C-SD1-600 6PSP10-104K600V
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Product Reviews

5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Excellent product. I use these in all my tube amp reworks and mods as well as replacing factory components. These OD's give a nice brite and crystal clear sound compared to factory caps that come in amps. If clear mids and highs are what your looking for then this is it. Thanks Antique Electronic Supply, J.Lee

Jerry D. Lee - July 5, 2014
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Good, accurate capacitors.

jkbookshelf - August 7, 2014
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Replaced all the "chocolate" signal caps in my 1969 Super Reverb with these caps. They sound fantastic with a top end sparkle that really cuts through the mix.

Brandon Turner - August 11, 2014