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Kit - Monoblock Tube Amplifier

Kit - Monoblock Tube Amplifier
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Tube designs rival the sound of high end audio amplifiers that cost 10 times as much! This kit was designed by George Fathauer. Enjoy the thrill of high end audio without going broke and enjoy the satisfaction in building it yourself. Kit come complete will all parts and easy to follow instructions.

Uses 11MS8 Power tubes included with the kit. Also includes board for mounting PC board and transformers.

Input Impedance: 100K ohms
Output Impedance: 8 ohms
Power Output: 8 watts per channel
Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 Hz
Minimum Input for Full Output: 0.3 V
Total Harmonic Distortion @ 1 W:

Product Specifications
All modelsWeight5.138 lbs.
All modelsPackaging Length9.3 in.
All modelsPackaging Width6.3 in.
All modelsPackaging Height4.6 in.
, K501