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Effect Module, "Stack In A Jack" Distortion, CrackPotz

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Now you can take that useless tone control out and take control of your tone. With simple installation tools you can have your favorite sound at the tip of your fingers.

The "Stack in a Jack" does not change the tone of your instrument. This module allows the full frequency of your instrument to pass through, this is why it sounds more like amp distortion. It is the Warmest, Smoothest distortion you have ever heard. Between the Distortion, Tone and Master you can get any amp to come Alive! It really acts as one of your guitar amps. The distortion is fully controllable by your guitar. Make the Cleanest guitar Growl!


Dimensions: Approx 1.30" D x 0.89" W x 1.15" W. Shaft length: 0.388". Shaft size: 0.375". Knurl Type: Metric, 18 tooth. Wire Length: 8".

If your Guitar is not Active or does not have a battery. You will need to purchase and install a Stereo ¼" jack and a 9 Volt Battery Clip. Please see the CrackPotz Active Pickup Install Kit. If your Guitar is active with a Battery, like EMG's or any Active Electronics. You can tie the Crackpotz Modules directly to the same 9 Volt battery.

"One Lick....And You Are Hooked!"

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