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P12Q, Jensen® Vintage Alnico Speaker

  • Overall Diameter: 12"
  • Rated Power: 40 Watts
  • Lows: Loose
  • Mids: Firm
  • Highs: Smooth

Guitarist Description:
Very warm, mid-focused bite with clear bright highs. Presented with overdrive distortion, remains well balanced.

Overall Diameter 12"
Impedance 8, 16 or 32 ohm
Rated Power 40 watts
Magnet AlNiCo
Overall Weight 4.1 lbs
Response 60-5k
Voice Coil Diameter 1.25"
Magnet Weight 10.5 oz
Lows Loose
Mids Firm
Highs Smooth
Overdrive Feel Edgy

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