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Prewired Assembly - Emerson Custom, ES-335 Deluxe Vintage

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ES-335 De"Luxe" Vintage Series Prewired Assembly

This is a prewired harness for USA Gibson ES-335s. For import guitars you may need to enlarge the holes for the higher quality US spec electronics to fit


  • 4x 500K CTS Short Shaft (3/8" length bushing) Potentiometers
  • 1x Switchcraft Straight-type 3-way Toggle Switch
  • 1x Switchcraft L11 ¼" mono input jack
  • 2x Luxe BumbleBee .022uf @ 400v Capacitors (oil-in-paper)
  • 2x Volume Mod
  • 1x Wiring Diagram

Our Prewired assemblies are very easy to install, on the Strat, Tele, And PRS style assemblies all that is required of the end-user is soldering the pickup leads, grounds, and attaching the input jack to their guitar. Our Les Paul Style assemblies require a little bit more effort to install, than the previous models* (but that is to be expected). Each and every Emerson Custom Prewired Assembly has a Volume Mod on each of the Volume Pots. The Volume Mod helps to retain clarity when you roll back your volume knob, and it also adds a little life to your pickups. Many of the players that have our assemblies in their guitars noticed an immediate difference in clarity, smoothness and fullness. Sometimes it is hard to put what you are hearing into words, but once you switch over to our quality electronics you will thank yourself for the small investment that greatly affects your overall tone. Premium tolerance CTS pots* (± 10%) give your volume, or treble controls more overall consistency, immediacy, and reliability when it comes to your tone. You shouldn't have to roll back to 5 on your volume or treble control until a difference kicks in.

Here at Emerson Custom Guitars we are passionate about making the guitar a more efficient medium in which to transfer the artist's creative thoughts and ideas into reality. We are relentless in seeking out the highest quality parts and components to use in our prewired assemblies. From our premium tolerance CTS potentiometers* (±10%) to the quality Switchcraft input jacks and Oak Grigsby switches. We know that you can hear a difference when you use the best quality components available, and that is why we choose to not cut any corners in an area that most manufacturers overlook and source the most cost effective parts for them while sacrificing the end result.... Your Tone!

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