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Decal - Atwater Kent / Stewart-Warner

Decal - Atwater Kent / Stewart-Warner
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The A.K. name comes in both solid gold and solid black colors, and the Stewart-Warner name is black with gold outline. Also contains the words 'OFF-ON', 'VOLUME', 'TONE', 'BAND', 'AM', 'FM', 'BC', 'SW', 'POL', AND 'AV'.
.15x2.0" .20"x1.25" .20"x1.25"

.6"x.15" .24"x.15"
.65"x.15" .24"x.15"
.4"x.15" .24"x.15"
.45"x.15" .4"x.15"
.24"x.15" .25"x.15

Product Specifications
All modelsWeight0.002 lbs.
All modelsPackaging Length4 in.
All modelsPackaging Width1.5 in.
All modelsPackaging Height0.008 in.
m906, SM906