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Decal - Set of 1 each (Does Not Include Fender or Magnavox)


This decal set includes each of the decal sheets we offer. It has the following sheets.

S-M904">S-M904 Has Zenith in two common sizes, gold with black outline. Also includes the words 'AUTOMATIC', 'MEDIUM WAVE', 'STD. BROADCAST', and 'SHORTWAVE'.

S-M905">S-M905 Has the Emerson Treble Clef logo in gold with a black outline in two common sizes. Also has words 'OFF-ON', 'VOLUME', 'TONE', 'BAND', 'AM', 'FM', 'BC', 'SW', 'POL' and 'AV'.

S-M906">S-M906 Has Atwater Kent name in solid gold and solid black. It also has a Stewart Warner name that is black with a gold outline. It also has the words 'OFF-ON', 'VOLUME', 'TONE', 'BAND', 'AM', 'FM', 'BC', 'POL', and 'AV'.

S-M907">S-M907 Features the Philco name in 3 sizes and 20 different knob function labels as found on Philco receivers of the 1930s and 1940s. Includes OFF-ON, BASS, B'DC'ST, POL, SW, TONE, BAND SELECTOR, TRANSITONE, HIGH FIDELITY, MAGNETIC TUNING, VOLUME, TREBLE, SELECTIVITY, AND PHONO-RADIO all in gold with black outline. Many of the words are curved to follow the contour of the knobs.

S-M908">S-M908 Has RCA Victor in four different logo styles. Also has Stromberg-Carlson and Admiral. All are gold with black outline.

S-M909">S-M909 Has the General Electric logo in three common sizes along with "Fada Radio" and "Garod". All are gold with black outline.

S-M910">S-M910 Has Emerson's script logo, DeWald, Belmont, Sonora, and Tom Thumb in gold and black.

UPC: 609722162654

RoHS Compliant

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