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S-T211S-T211Item ID: 009848Diamond Fret File For Medium And Wide Fretwire - 150 and 300 Grit
Diamond fret file with offset shape for more comfortable fret dressing and improved clearance over the guitar body at high frets. Both full length concave filing grooves (for medium and wide fretwire) uniformly coated with micro industrial diamond particle. The width of most medium fret wire is .080” - .095", and the width of wide fret wire is .100” - .110", this fret file can be used for .090” - .110" fret wire, which means it will work for all wide and most medium fret wire.
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S-T229-200S-T229-200Item ID: 009986Bevel Diamond Fret File, 200 grit
See S-T229-400 for 400 grit file.
S-T229-400S-T229-400Item ID: 010006Bevel Diamond Fret File, 400 grit
See S-T229-200 for 200 grit file.
S-TGTGTR1S-TGTGTR1Item ID: 004327Guitar Player Tech Kit, CruzTOOLS GrooveTech
Guitar players may know a little about truss rods and action, but few actually attempt adjustment. That's a shame, because a good setup will improve your performance. The GrooveTech provides everything you need to work on your guitar, plus an Easy Setup Guide that takes the mystery out of the process. Eleven hex keys are color-coded gold for metric and black for inch sizes, and long pattern for easy access. All truss rod sizes are ball end. Also included is a thickness gauge, ruler, capo, cutters, string winder, 6-in-1 screwdriver, and LED flashlight.
S-T170MS-T170MItem ID: 004290Shearcutter pliers, Xcelite general purpose
5" Overall Length, ¾" Jaw Length. Great for cutting wire and component leads, etc.
S-T1715S-T1715Item ID: 004291Staking Tool for Eyelets and Turrets
Turret staking tool. Directions: Drill 1/8" hole · Insert eyelet · Flip board over on to a hard service · Center staking tool over the eyelet · Strike staking tool with hammer to clamp eyelet to board ·
S-T806S-T806Item ID: 004312The Nibbler
Instructions Simply drill 3/8" hole insert cutting head and compress handles. · Gives you the ability to make square holes for fuse holders, special connectors displays etc. · Material to be nibbled is placed in the gap between the punch and blade channel. · By squeezing the handles together, the punch will move down into the channel, cutting out a slug of metal. · A scribe line can be followed by looking down on work in this position. A slot is cut by making successive cuts. · To make a sharp 90 degrees turn, pull the tool out of the slot.
S-TGTSC1S-TGTSC1Item ID: 004330String Cutters, CruzTOOLS GrooveTech
CruzTOOLS developed the GrooveTech String Cutters specifically for Guitar and Bass strings. A special induction heat-treatment process prevents blades from denting, and the high-leverage handle design makes even "B" bass strings easy to cut. Comfortable rubber grips feel good in your hands, and the cutters are compact enough to fit into any guitar case or gig bag.
S-TGTMLT1S-TGTMLT1Item ID: 004329Guitar/Bass Multi-Tool, CruzTOOLS GrooveTech
Multi-Tool for Guitar and Bass. Includes Hex Keys, Screwdrivers and a Ruler. The first multi-tool for guitars and basses that's actually useful, without unnecessary gimmicks. Whether you have a USA or imported axe, we've got you covered for most bridge, truss rod, and other adjustments. Includes four metric and three fractional hex keys, two Phillips screwdrivers, a 2.5mm slotted screwdriver, and ruler for setting action. Truss rod sizes are ball-end for easy access. All keys are pro-grade, using heat-treated S2 material with a polished chrome finish.
S-T42HS-T42HItem ID: 004295Seizer forceps, Xcelite
Versatile tool with unusual holding qualities, Clamps firmly to hold wires for soldering, Acts as a heat sink and retrieves small parts from hard to reach places, Precision machined tempered stainless steel, 3 position snap lock, Serrated jaws.
S-TGTJPT1S-TGTJPT1Item ID: 004328Tool - Cruz Tools, GrooveTech Jack/Pot Tool
Instrument and amp jacks are notorious for coming loose. And with a shallow nut and recessed cavity, access can be challenging. Until now, that is. The GrooveTech Jack and Pot Wrench provides three thin-wall sockets - ½", 7/16", and 12mm - in a compact four-inch tool to handle the most common sizes of jacks and pots on instruments, amps, and other audio gear. Add a dab of threadlocker, and you'll probably never have to deal with that loose jack again. Sockets are pro-grade with a dazzling polished chrome finish.
S-TNN7776S-TNN7776Item ID: 004333Long needle nose pliers, Xcelite
Extra long nose, Serrated jaws, Green cushion grips
S-T703034S-T703034Item ID: 004300Punch - Greenlee Chassis, ¾" Diameter
Round hole punches for use in mild steel up to 16 gauge. Make professional chassis punches on your projects. Absolutely no returns unless punch is defective!