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Tube Complement for Fender Champ

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Tube Complement for Fender Champ


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Fender Champ Tube set......these are all JJs which I like pretty well, but it's not quite my cup of tea for this amp. The break-up comes on a bit too early and is a bit harsh, and although the amp is over all louder that before, I personally prefer "cleaner" tones from my Pre CBS blackface Fender recording amps. The tone is good for a rock or blues player, but I would trade cleaner more complex tone for volume any day. In the studio ....tone is king and volume is quite irrelevant being that there is a mic only inchs away. I will be trading out the 12Ax7 for one of my vintage Amperex's . This JJ is going into my Boogie where the dirt is welcome!

Mailman - August 8, 2014