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5881, Tungsol Reissue

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Russian made reissue of the original Tungsol.

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I buy and sell amps on a regular basis. While doing this, I ran across a deal on a Victoria Victorilux 4x10 model that had two Tung Sol 5881's in it. This amp sounded amazing. So when I had the chance to by a Victoria 45410 (Tweed Bassman) I jumped at the chance. It sounded pretty good as well but seemed it was missing something. I checked the tubes and found a Chinese made 5AR4 rectifier tube, along with another brand of 5881' power tubes. I replaced the 5AR4 with a Mullard, and replaced the outputs with the Tung Sol's. This made this amp come to life! It sounds as good, actually a little better than the Victorilux. The Tung Sol's have approx 30-40 hrs on them, they sound very smooth, and break up oh soooo sweet when driven. You can't go wrong with these!

C. Steve Bergonzoni - July 4, 2014