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S-VIBRA2-4S-VIBRA2-4Item ID: 010210Vibrapod Isolator - Model 2, Package of 4
Inherent vibrations degrade the sound quality of your audio/video system. VIBRAPOD Isolators were designed to isolate your components from vibration in both the horizontal and vertical planes. VIBRAPOD Cones work best in the vertical plane, however when combined with VIBRAPOD Isolators they enhance isolation in the horizontal plane.
M-HP-16M-HP-16Item ID: 010223Attenuator - Hot Plate, 16 Ohms
The Hot Plate is a power attenuator that sits between your amp and speaker(s). It allows you to obtain the full output distortion of a tube amplifier at lower volumes, without sacrificing tone. The Hot Plate can also function as a high quality direct box, allowing you to send the amp’s signal to a mixing board, a separate power amplifier or to rack mount effects without using a microphone. I. Main Output: Attenuation: 0 dB to -16 dB in four dB increments; -16 dB to -∞ dB (zero output) continuously variable. · · · II.


(16 pages)
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