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Amplifier Parts

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Fuse holder, Fender® style, for 3AG-type fuses
This is a high quality Fender® Style fuse holder replacement for guitar amplifiers. This fits in a ½" chassis hole.
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Fuse Holder - High Quality, used with 3AG-type fuses
High quality fuse holder used with 3AG type fuse. Fits in a 1/2" diameter chassis hole
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Fuse holder, for Marshall amps
Fuse Holder - High Quality Marshall Snap-In Style (Fits 5/8" to 11/16" Chassis Holes)
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Cap for Fuse Holder, Peavey
Cap for fuse holder - Peavey®.
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Fuse Cap, for Marshall 900 Series
Fuse holder for Marshall™ 900 series amps. Measures 5/8" in length.
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Fuse Component Holder - 1/4" Diameter, package of 12
Fuse component holder, 1/4 diameter - package of twelve.
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