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B-881B-881Item ID: 008537Saga of Marconis Osram Valve, softcover
Marconi Osram Valve was born of famous parents in exciting times. It was founded by Lord Hirst, an entrepreneur of stature and vision who believed in individual flair and a supportive and 'can do' culture. Its history covers 100 years, three generations, two world wars and the great developments in broadcasting in the post-war periods. The history is intertwined with Marconi, EMI, RCA, Osram and the GEC itself over virtually the whole period of electronics. Softcover, 346 pages.
B-965B-965Item ID: 009306Sound Advice from Gerald Weber
Sound Advice from Gerald Weber
B-CD061B-CD061Item ID: 010216Video DVD - Tube Amps 101, Volume IV
Volume IV: Noise, Tips and Troubleshooting Chapter List includes: 3 Prong conversion - the RIGHT WAY! (Super Reverb) · "Red Plating" Power Tubes ('77 Princeton) · Replace a Bad Power Transformer ('79 Champ) · Test and Replace Coupling Caps ('57 Tweed Champ) · HIGH Noise Floor? (Silverface Deluxe Reverb) · Buzzing Noise?


(3 pages)
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