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B-967B-967Item ID: 005090Recording Studio Technology, Maintenance, and Repairs, Tom McCartney
The #1 reference for studio technology - only this manual covers it all, from equipment installation to professional maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs. This book offers unbeatable guidance - from electronics basics to fine-tuning equipment.
B-971B-971Item ID: 005093Teardowns - Learn How Electronics Work by Taking Them Apart , Bryan Bergeron
Foreword by Forrest M. Mims III Learn practical electronics from a skilled mentor! Amp up your knowledge of electronics by deconstructing common devices and analyzing the revealed components and circuitry. This book contains 14 projects that expose the inner workings of household appliances, workbench measuring instruments, and musical equipment. Discover how resistors, capacitors, sensors, transducers, and transistors function in real circuitry. You'll even get details on custom modifications to electric guitar pickups, an effects pedal, and a tube amp.
B-972B-972Item ID: 00509422 Radio and Receiver Projects, Tom Petruzzellis
Whether you're a radio researcher or an electronics enthusiast, this book has everything you need to build and enjoy your own radio receivers. Using easy-to-find parts and tools, this do-it-yourself guide addresses all kinds of radios and receivers both old and new.
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