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Radio Dial Belts
By Ray Bintliff This is the radio collector's guide to choosing and replacing dial belts. More then 1000 models from 47 manufacturers are covered and has the complete data for JFD & General Cement belts. Also contains background information regarding dial belts and offers practical advice regarding the replacement of missing or defective belts.
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Flick of the Switch 1930-1950
By Morgan E. McMahon A companion volume to Vintage Radio 1887-1929, this book continues with the history of radio into the beginnings of Television. Over 1000 pictures. 300 pages, 0.8 lbs, 5.35 x 8.5
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Elements of Electricity and Radio
Re-print of the original basic electricity and electronics course from the US Navy. Has chapters on mathematical principals (everyone’s favorite!), to elementary definitions and ohms law, to applications of vacuum tubes. Also has commonly used charts and tables. If you’re interested in electronics, but need to start at the beginning, this book is for you. Great WW II stuff; over 50 years old, but still pertinent information. 205 pages, 0.7 lbs, 6 x 9"
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Recording Studio Technology, Maintenance, and Repairs, Tom McCartney
The #1 reference for studio technology - only this manual covers it all, from equipment installation to professional maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs. This book offers unbeatable guidance - from electronics basics to fine-tuning equipment. It's the one reference no recording studio should be without. The Ultimate Studio Manual - if you want a smoothly functioning, beautifully performing recording studio, this book is the only comprehensive, practical guide to getting it right, from the first idea to final tweaks, from fixes to foolproof follow-throughs.
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RCA Radiolas, Radiotrons and Accessories
A reprint of 1925 RCA promotional literature. 20 pages of pictures and information on models 30, Super VIII, 28, 26, 25, 20, III, and IIIA receivers and loudspeakers #100, 102, 104 and UZ-1325. 20 pages, 0.2 lb, 4.75 x 7.5"
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TV-7/U Test Set-Up Data
High quality reprint of the test set-up manual for the military TV-7/U, TV-7A/U, TV-7B/U, and TV-7D/U versions of Hickok tube testers, normally supplied in the lid of the tester. Also contains operating instructions, conversion table for Army VT numbers, and data table for CV type tubes. 83 pages, 0.4 lb., 6.75 x 5.35
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Radiola - The Golden Age of RCA 1919-1929
By Eric P Wenaas
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Most Often Needed Diagrams
A reprint of Morris Beitman’s Supreme Publications book, showing circuit diagrams for 600 of the most commonly found radios of that time. A valuable resource for restorations. 240 pages, 1.4 lbs, 8.5 x 11
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