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Coupling capacitors, MusiCap Film & Foil Polypropylene 100V 1µF-15µF
Critical loudspeaker crossovers deserve to have a transparent product specific to the application. Speaker MusiCaps, with their thicker leads, are a revelation in well-designed crossover networks. While a fully MusiCap-ed crossover is supreme, just installing MusiCaps in the tweeter circuit will reveal much additional detail and nuance. Many prominent high-end loudspeaker manufacturers have been using MusiCaps in their top models for years. (Ultra-fine strand, 15 gauge, silver-plated copper leads with polyethylene insulation.) Made in the USA.
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Capacitors, coupling, MusiCap Film & Foil Polypropylene - 200 Volt, 2.2µF-5µF
MusiCaps are constructed using separate layers of premium foil and polypropylene films, rather than the vapor deposited, metallized film used by most other manufacturers. Film-plus-foil construction requires more costly materials and result in MusiCaps being approximately 100% larger than typical metallized-film capacitors, yet the benefits are immediately discernible. MusiCaps provide a dramatic improvement in clarity, focus and dynamics when used in critical new designs, as an upgrade to existing tube or solid-state components, or in musical instruments.
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Metalized Polypropylene, 250V, Solen "Fast", 1µF-47µF
Made of the highest quality aluminimum metalized polypropylene vailable Made in France
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Capacitor - Polypropylene Film, .47 µF @ 400 V (715P400V474J)
Rated for 85°C operation. Polypropylene film capacitor with radial leads. ± 5% tolerance. .90" diameter x 1.55" length.
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Metalized Polypropylene, 1000V, Solen "Fast", .01µF - .047µF
Made of the highest quality aluminum metalized polypropylene film available. Made in France.
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Capacitor - 715P Series, Polypropylene Film, 600 V, .001µF - .22µF
Rated for 85°C operation. Polypropylene film capacitor with radial leads. ± 5% tolerance. More...
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Capacitor - Orange Drop, 1600 V, .0047µF - .05µF
Radial lead, polpropylene film capacitor. ± 10% tolerance. Capacitance SKU Original Part Number .0047 µF C-SD0047-1600 16PSD47-472K1600V .005 µF C-SD005-1600 16PSD50-502K1600V .0068 µF C-SD0068-1600 16PSD68-682K1600V .01 µF C-SD01-1600 16PSS10-103K1600V .02 µF C-SD02-1600 16PSS20-203K1600V .05 µF C-SD05-1600 16PSS50-503K1600V
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Capacitor - Audiophiler MKP Audio, 400 V, 1µF - 20µF
MKP 'Audiophiler' Metallized Polypropylene audio capacitor, 400v. Rated at 85 degrees.
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