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Coupling capacitors, MusiCap Film & Foil Polypropylene 100V 1µF-15µF
Critical loudspeaker crossovers deserve to have a transparent product specific to the application. Speaker MusiCaps, with their thicker leads, are a revelation in well-designed crossover networks. While a fully MusiCap-ed crossover is supreme, just installing MusiCaps in the tweeter circuit will reveal much additional detail and nuance. Many prominent high-end loudspeaker manufacturers have been using MusiCaps in their top models for years. (Ultra-fine strand, 15 gauge, silver-plated copper leads with polyethylene insulation.) Made in the USA.
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Capacitors, coupling, MusiCap Film & Foil Polypropylene - 200 Volt, 2.2µF-5µF
MusiCaps are constructed using separate layers of premium foil and polypropylene films, rather than the vapor deposited, metallized film used by most other manufacturers. Film-plus-foil construction requires more costly materials and result in MusiCaps being approximately 100% larger than typical metallized-film capacitors, yet the benefits are immediately discernible. MusiCaps provide a dramatic improvement in clarity, focus and dynamics when used in critical new designs, as an upgrade to existing tube or solid-state components, or in musical instruments.
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Metalized Polypropylene, 250V, Solen "Fast", 1µF-47µF
Made of the highest quality aluminimum metalized polypropylene vailable Made in France
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Capacitor - Polypropylene Film, .47 µF @ 400 V (715P400V474J)
Rated for 85°C operation. Polypropylene film capacitor with radial leads. ± 5% tolerance. .90" diameter x 1.55" length.
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Metalized Polypropylene, 1000V, Solen "Fast", .01µF - .047µF
Made of the highest quality aluminum metalized polypropylene film available. Made in France.
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Capacitor - Audiophiler MKP Audio, 400 V, 1µF - 20µF
MKP 'Audiophiler' Metallized Polypropylene audio capacitor, 400v. Rated at 85 degrees.
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Capacitor - 716P Series, Polypropylene Film, 400 V, .0047µF - .47µF
High performance version of the popular 715P series. They are made from polypropylene film and foil with pure copper leads, making them ideal for high pulse current applications. Rated for 85 degrees celsius operation ± 5% tolerance. Straight radial leads, minimum 1.25" length. Capacitance SKU Original Part Number .0047 µF C-PD0047-400 716P400V472J .01 µF C-PD01-400 716P400V103J .022 µF C-PD022-400 716P400V223J .033 µF C-PD033-400 716P400V333J .047 µF C-PD047-400 716P400V473J .1 µF C-PD1-400 716P400V104J .22 µF C-PD22-400 716P400V224J .47 µF C-PD47-400 716P400V474J
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Capacitor - 715P Series, Polypropylene Film, 600 V, .001µF - .22µF
Rated for 85°C operation. Polypropylene film capacitor with radial leads. ± 5% tolerance. More...
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