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K-930K-930Item ID: 001825The Persuader, Tube Drive Effects Pedal Kit
Build your own tube preamp pedal built around a 12AX7 tube. Go from clean, warm tone to smooth, real tube overdrive. This kit includes pre-drilled die-cast aluminum enclosure and all parts with easy to follow instructions. All you need to provide is solder and soldering iron. The Persuader allows for easy access to the tube, giving you the ability to quickly experiment with different tube brands and 12AX7 tube relatives. Operates on a 9V battery or AC adapter, which is not included. When completed, this pedal draws considerable current and battery life will be short.
P-H1590BBCEP-H1590BBCEItem ID: 002402Chassis Box - Made in Taiwan, Diecast Aluminum
Same as Hammond 1590BB but a generic manufacture from Taiwan. 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.18" depth.
P-H498-PCP-H498-PCItem ID: 002578Footswitch - DPDT (Latching), PC Mount
DPDT footswitch, PC mount, same switch as P-H497 but made in Taiwan and PC mount.
M-PAS-SM-PAS-SItem ID: 0018649-volt digital power supply, Power All System
The PA-9 Power-All is the world's first 2000 mA, single outlet power supply designed specifically for guitar effect users.
P-ECB-244P-ECB-244Item ID: 002061Battery Box - Dunlop
Dunlop battery box for Cry Baby and Volume Wahs.
P-ECB-FI-01P-ECB-FI-01Item ID: 002068Inductor Fasel Cup Core Model (Yellow), Dunlop
This yellow cup core version is best for attaining a vintage vibe. Use the precision-wound Toroidal, part number P-ECB-FI-02, for the cleanest sound possible. The Fasel inductor is back! These near-mythical inductors are the key to the singing tonal sweep every wah player lusts for but can't capture with a new pedal. The ultimate upgrade to your current wah, these magic bullets are available exclusively from Dunlop, the new worldwide agent for Fasel of Italy. Your wah will finally give up the lush harmonic sparkle you've always heard in your head but could never coax from you rig.
P-H503P-H503Item ID: 002583Footswitch - DPDT, Momentary, Solder Lugs
DPDT momentary footswitch. AC125V/4A AC250V/2A
K-955K-955Item ID: 004985The Thunderdrive Deluxe, Overdrive Pedal Kit
The Thunderdrive Deluxe is an overdrive pedal kit that will provide a strong clean signal boost in the early gain settings and smooth distortion at maximum gain settings. Adjusting volume control and gain controls provides a wide variety of tones in spite of it's simple contruction. The Turbo switch provides an additional boost in volume and less internally generated distortion. The pre-painted black enclosure, red control knobs and red LED indicator give the Thunderdrive Deluxe an understated attractive finish.
P-H1590BBCE-RP-H1590BBCE-RItem ID: 002409Chassis Box, Die-Cast Aluminum, Red
Cool chassis box perfectly suited for effects pedals and other DIY projects. 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18" · Die-Cast Aluminum · Includes Box, Lid, And Screws · Painted Red ·
P-H1590DP-H1590DItem ID: 002413Box - Aluminum, Unpainted, 7.38" x 4.70" x 2.05" D, Hammond
Rugged, diecast aluminum alloy (tough yet easy to machine), electronic instrument enclosure. · Lap joint construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water. Also provides for improved EMI/RFI shielding. · Vibra finished for a smooth surface with no sharp edges. · Six 6-32 x ½" machine screws secure lid - into tapped holes. · Designed to meet IP54. · Low side wall draft angle (2 degrees or less) for easy P.C. board mounting. · Dimensions shown are exterior dimensions. · Add 0.16" to enclosure depth for lid.


(12 pages)
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