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K-970K-970Item ID: 008512Kit - The Tea Philter Pedal Kit
The Tea Philter - A T-Filter Pedal Kit The Tea Philter pedal produces a fixed wah tone allowing you to lock it in without rocking the pedal back and forth. Every guitar/wah combination has a certain sweet spot that is perfect for lead and chord work. The Tea Philter lets you dial in everything from your favorite vocal mid-range tone to thick lows. Using point-to-point wiring and easy-to-follow instructions you can have a working fixed wah pedal in a matter of hours.
K-915K-915Item ID: 009300Kit - The Verb Deluxe, Digital Reverb Pedal Kit
The Verb Deluxe kit is built around the Belton Digi-Log Mini Module. Features include both Dwell and Mix controls, allowing the dry signal to be blended with the processed signal from a just hint of reverb to deep, cavernous echoes. The dwell control adds an extra flexibility, providing a full palette of sweet reverb sound.
K-985K-985Item ID: 010033Kit - The Wahtz Wah Pedal Kit
The Wahtz Wah Pedal Kit produces the classic Wah tone you've come expect with a hint of extra bite and growl. True bypass switching insures no loss of signal when the Wah effect is not engaged; and the long life potentiometer manufactured specifically for use in Wah pedals is included to provide years of smooth, quiet operation.
M-PAS-DM-PAS-DItem ID: 001863Kit, Power All System deluxe for effects pedals
The Power-All Deluxe Kit provides 9 volts DC at 2000 milliamps @ more than enough current to power dozens of effect pedals, including up to 4 Line 6 Modelers! The Power-All Deluxe Kit can power eleven pedals out of the box, and comes complete with a variety of jumper cables that allow connection of phone plug, reverse polarity, digital, and battery-only pedal types.
P-K345P-K345Item ID: 002833Knob - Black with Line set screw 1.0" x .6" tall
1.0" diameter x.6" tall, black with white line and brass insert, set screw. Similar to Dunlop knob.
P-ECB-130P-ECB-130Item ID: 002055Knob - Dunlop
Original MXR knob for Dunlop pedal. Original Dunlop replacement part.
P-ECB-131P-ECB-131Item ID: 002056Knob - Dunlop, Cover for P-ECB-130
Knob cover for Original MXR knob (P-ECB-130). Original Dunlop replacement part.
P-ECB-25P-ECB-25Item ID: 002065PC Board - Crybaby
Original Crybaby replacement circuit board for pedals made after 1990. Original Dunlop replacement part.
R-VPC01R-VPC01Item ID: 003859Photo Cell for Morley Effects Pedals
Photo cell for morley effects pedals.
P-ECB-24CP-ECB-24CItem ID: 002064Potentiometer - Dunlop, Wah Pot 20K for Bass
Dunlop 20K pot for the 105Q Crybaby Bass Wah.


(12 pages)
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