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Effect Pedals & Parts

Potentiometer - Wah Pot Replacement for Ibanez 16mm Dual 500K/50K Linear
500K/50K dual wah replacement for Ibanez WH10. Rated Power: 0.2 Watt max
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Potentiometer - Wah Pot 150KL
150K linear Wah pot.
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Potentiometer - Dunlop, Wah Pot 20K for Bass
Dunlop 20K pot for the 105Q Crybaby Bass Wah.
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Knob - Dunlop, Cover for P-ECB-130
Knob cover for Original MXR knob (P-ECB-130). Original Dunlop replacement part.
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Knob - Dunlop
Original MXR knob for Dunlop pedal. Original Dunlop replacement part.
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Jack - Dunlop Instrument Stereo Jack
Stereo jack for Dunlop effects pedals. Original Dunlop replacement part.
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Chassis Box - 110mm x 58mm x 30mm
4.39" x 2.34" x 1.06" D. Equivalent to Hammond 1590B.
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Inductor Fasel Troidal Model (Red), Dunlop
This precision-wound toroidal will give the cleanest sound possible. Use the cup core model, part number P-ECB-FI-01 for a more vintage sound. The Fasel inductor is back! These near-mythical inductors are the key to the singing tonal sweep every wah player lusts for but can't capture with a new pedal. The ultimate upgrade to your current wah, these magic bullets are available exclusively from Dunlop, the new worldwide agent for Fasel of Italy. Your wah will finally give up the lush harmonic sparkle you've always heard in your head but could never coax from you rig.
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