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W-SC-W02W-SC-W02Item ID: 004936Pickup Selector, Replacement for Gibson® Straight-type, Switchcraft
Switchcraft Pickup Selector, Replacement for Gibson Straight-Type
W-SC-W01W-SC-W01Item ID: 004935Pickup Selector, Replacement for Gibson® L-Type, Switchcraft
Switchcraft Pickup Selector, Replacement for Gibson L-Type. Similar to Gibson® P-SW01.
P-SW01P-SW01Item ID: 003410Switch - L-Type Guitar Pickup selector, Original Gibson®
The only way to keep your repair or restoration 100% original is with original parts. Genuine made in the USA Gibson pickup selector - L style with creme switch cap.
P-SW02P-SW02Item ID: 003411Switch, straight type with cream cap, Original Gibson®
Straight Gibson Switch, cream cap, straight type.
P-SW07P-SW07Item ID: 003415Switch Cap - Gibson® Original, Toggle, Historic, Pkg/2
Straight from Gibson Guitar's Historic Re-issue guitars come Gibson Gear's new Historic Spec series " parts that have been specially designed to replicate the original parts used by Gibson in the late 1950s. This two-pack of Historic Toggle Switch Caps will help you re-create the look of a vintage Gibson guitar. These genuine caps carry a more vintage-accurate amber color and fit any Les Paul, 335, SG or other classic Gibson electric guitar.
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