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P-NECK-T-33P-NECK-T-33Item ID: 002980Neck for Telecaster guitar, Vintage Rosewood
Replacement Vintage Telecaster® neck with mostly vintage and a few subtle modern features like 21 medium jumbo frets, 10 in. radius, 1 5/8 in. nut width, a comfortable C shaped profile and a honey tinted gloss finish. Rosewood finger board with a heel adjust truss rod location and 8.8mm peg holes drilled for a vintage Kluson® tuning machine as nature intended. Nut not included. Fender Licensed replacement neck.
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P-GB7-AP-GB7-AItem ID: 002097B7 Guitar Vibrato, Bigsby, for Arch Top Electrics, Aluminum
Bigsby B7 Specifications Model Name: B-7 · Series: Original Kalamazoo Line · Manufacturing Method: Sand Cast · Manufacturing Material: Aluminum · Approximate weight: 354 grams/12.5 oz. · Overall Length: 8 ¾" /222.3 mm · Overall Width: 3 5/8" /92.1 mm · Arm adjusts with 1/8" Allen wrench and 5/16" socket wrench · Designed for use on arch top electric guitars
P-GTNN10P-GTNN10Item ID: 002273Nut - Plastic, for Strat, Each
Plastic strat guitar nut.
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P-PUG4P-PUG4Item ID: 003121Pickup - Gibson, '57 Classic Plus, Nickel Cover
The '57 Classic Plus uses slightly overwound balanced coils, exactly like the original PAFs of the late 1950s that accidentally received a few additional turns of wire. They are the perfect bridge-position companion to the '57 Classic, delivering just a little more of "the sweet stuff" without sacrificing any of the rich vintage tone. Since their introduction in the late 1950s, Gibson's famous "Patent Applied For" humbuckers have been considered the ultimate pickup because of their smooth, velvety tone.
S-TGTGTR1S-TGTGTR1Item ID: 004327Guitar Player Tech Kit, CruzTOOLS GrooveTech
Guitar players may know a little about truss rods and action, but few actually attempt adjustment. That's a shame, because a good setup will improve your performance. The GrooveTech provides everything you need to work on your guitar, plus an Easy Setup Guide that takes the mystery out of the process. Eleven hex keys are color-coded gold for metric and black for inch sizes, and long pattern for easy access. All truss rod sizes are ball end. Also included is a thickness gauge, ruler, capo, cutters, string winder, 6-in-1 screwdriver, and LED flashlight.
P-PG50BP-PG50BItem ID: 003051Pickguard, Gibson® for Les Paul Studio, black
Fits Les Paul Studio guitars
Out of Stock
P-GTTOM-NP-GTTOM-NItem ID: 002312Bridge, Gibson® Nashville Tune-O-Matic, nickel
The Gibson Tune-o-matic bridge remains one of the most revered and copied pieces of guitar hardware ever developed, and the Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge offers un-notched saddles with individual saddle screw retainer clips, and a wider footing for increased intonation range. The stud and thumbwheel are also cast directly onto the bridge, allowing the Nashville Tune-o-matic to slide directly into place.
Out of Stock
S-SVRS-SVRItem ID: 004282Guitar Strings, Gibson® Vintage Reissue
Pure nickel. for Gibson electric guitars.
S-S150RS-S150RItem ID: 004274Guitar strings, Fender® nickel, ball end, .010-.046
If you're trying to capture the original vintage tone of pure nickel wound strings; string up a set of Original 150s! They're pure Fender tone through and through. Made in the USA Pure Nickel Wound Gauges: .010 .013 .017 .026 .036 .046
P-H264-4P-H264-4Item ID: 002470Screws for Chassis Straps, 8-32 X 3 1/4
Screw for chassis straps. Works with #8 Nuts and Lock Washers: S-HHN832 (Nuts) S-HLW8 (Lock Washers) Package of 4


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