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Guitar Parts

Gotoh Tune-o-matic (Standard Post) Gold
Bridge A modern version of the Tune-o-matic style bridge for the solidbody guitar. Pre-notched saddles with an individual saddle intonation screw retained by mini hex nuts for each one. Standard mounting post style and features hard zinc saddles. Hardware included.
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Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo Gold
If you are looking for a tremelo that is designed for enhanced sustain and better reliability, then you have found it. The VSVG Vintage tremolo features enlongated baseplate holes so the screws won't bind and it gives a very smooth, accurate return to pitch. With the string mounting holes being staggered in the steel block you will find much more tuning stability because of the more consistent string angle over the adjustable locking bent-steel saddles. Hardware included.
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Gotoh Locking Mini Schaller Style Chrome (6-in-a-line)
Gotoh has out done themselves with these locking and adjustable height mini Schaller style machine heads with threaded bushings for 10mm (13/32") diameter peg holes. This set uses Gotoh's unique patented H.A.P.M. (Height Adjustable Post with Magnum Lock). It allows you to adjust the height of each post individually and lock the strings. Perfect for guitars with angled headstocks with tremolos. No need for a string tree either. Features a 1:15 Gear Ratio and comes with threaded bushings and washers and Allen(Hex) Wrench for post height adjustment. Mounting hardware included.
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Gotoh 12-String Bridge for Electric Guitar Chrome
Gotoh 12-String Bridge for Electric Guitar – This Twelve string bridge for Electric Solidbody guitars allows each string to be individually adjusted for intonation. Hardware included.
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Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N Tremolo Arm Chrome
Genuine replacement arm for the Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N Tremolo. Internally threaded, sturdy knobless .216"-diameter (5.5mm) stainless steel; extends approximately 5-5/8" (142.88mm). Sturdy chrome VS-100N tremolo arm.
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Gotoh Midsize Gold 510 Tuners with Metal Knobs (3 per side)
The SG510 series are recognized the world over as one of the top performing super tuners on the market. These feature an 18:1 gear ratio. They have evolved through improvement without any compromises along the way. The come equipped with a considerable amount of high-technology as a standard. With the improvement of precision fitting gears which give a marvelous touch on playing they have gained a considerable reputation and are trusted as the No.1 machine head by many musicians all over the world. These are three-on-a-side. Mounting hardware included.
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Gotoh Res-O-Lite GB528 Vintage Style Bass Machine Head Set Nickel (2 per side)
Direct Drop-in compact bass machine heads with threaded bushings for 9/16'' diameter peg holes. Gotoh's Res-O-Lite machine heads are extremely light weight (59.2 grams each) from aluminum alloy to make for a less neck heavy bass. Features a 26:1 Gear Ratio. 2+2 config, fits many Standard American and Mexican basses. Also the key post can be removed and replaced on opposing side.Comes in 2+2 configuration. Mounting hardware included.
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Gotoh Height Adjustable Tailpiece Gold
This zinc diecast height adjustable stop tailpiece from GOTOH features threaded adjustable studs and knurled bushings. Hardware included.
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