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Potentiometer - 200K Linear, 24mm, 3/8" Bushing, PC Mount, D Shaft
200k linear, 24mm, 3/8 bushing diameter, pc mount, D-shaft.
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Potentiometer - Alpha, 100K, Linear, 1-1/2" Shaft
24 mm carbon composition. 300° rotation. ½ watt, 500VDC rating. Linear taper. ¼" diameter shaft.
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Potentiometer - Wah Pot 200KL
200K linear Wah pot.
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Potentiometer - 200K Neohm, Linear Taper, Twist Tab Mount
Composition element control designed for applications where bushingless controls are required. Phenolic shaft insures insulation if control is used on a hot chassis. Pot can be adjusted from the top by screwdriver (or knob on 1/4 knurled shaft) or from the bottom of the chassis. Great for antique radios. 24mm body 2" solid shaft length 1/4" diameter. 200K linear. Twist tab mount.
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