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R-V250KA-AHER-V250KA-AHEItem ID: 003722Potentiometer - 250K Audio, 2 Watt Mil. Spec, Solid Shaft, Alessandro High-End
Alessandro's military spec, carbon potentiometers have a smoothness that sets them apart from low end potentiometers, with a custom developed taper that is uniform from 0 to 10. These carbon potentiometers have a 3/8" bushing and 3/8" steel shaft. Mounts in 3/8" hole.
R-VB-A-PR-VB-A-PItem ID: 003813Potentiometer, 24mm knurled split shaft, audio, Bourns, 250k/500k
Knurled split shaft, audio. 24 mm body diameter. ¼ watt, 300° rotation. ¼" shaft diameter. Solder lugs. 3/8" bushing. RoHS Compliant PDB241-GTR
R-VB-AR-VB-AItem ID: 009355Potentiometer, 24mm solid shaft, audio, Bourns, 10k - 1M
Solid shaft, audio taper. 24mm body diameter, 1/4 watt, 300 degree rotation, 1/4" shaft diameter, solder lugs, 3/8" bushing. RoHS Compliant PDB241-GTR
R-V250K-SS-NLR-V250K-SS-NLItem ID: 003721Potentiometer - Fender, No Load, 250K Solid Shaft
250K ohm, Split Shaft, no load. Some Fender guitars have a unique tone circuit that features a "Delta Tone' Control. The "Delta Tone' system consists of a high output bridge pickup and special 'no-load' tone control for the middle and bridge pickups. This new pot has a detent at the 10 position which bypasses completely any filtration through capacitors.
R-VB2-PPSPR-VB2-PPSPItem ID: 003822Potentiometer - Dual Mini Guitar Potentiometers with Push Pull Switch (PDB183-GTR21), Audio, Knurled Split Shaft
Mini Carbon Element, Push Pull Switch, Dual Audio, Split Shaft. 17 mm body diameter. ¼ watt, 300° rotation. DPDT, ¼" shaft diameter. Solder lugs. 3/8" bushing.Bourns® Model PDB183-GTR21 Guitar Potentiometer with Push-Pull Switch. Used for Split-Coil Pickup Switching Electric guitar manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar industry with major manufacturers established worldwide. From the introduction of the first mass-produced electric guitar in 1950, guitarists have been mesmerized with advances in technology and the wide array of after- market parts commercially available for guitar upgrades.
R-VPV-250KAR-VPV-250KAItem ID: 003895Potentiometer - Peavey, 250K
250K Audio, spider.
R-VPV-250KL-PCR-VPV-250KL-PCItem ID: 003897Potentiometer - Peavey, 250KL, 16mm, PC Mount
250K Linear with bracket, PC mount, 17 mm body diameter, 7 mm bushing diameter (M7 x 0.75), 5 mm split knurled shaft.
R-VTBXR-VTBXItem ID: 003932Potentiometer - Original Fender® Tone Control for MOST Fender® Tele/Strat 250K
250K ohm. Original TBX tone control for most Strats and Teles. CTS manufactured, includes capacitor and comes in original Fender® packaging. Some instruments have a unique tone circuit that features a TBX Tone Control (Patented). The TBX (which stands for Treble Bass Expander), is a dual concentric stacked tone pot. The pot has a detent in the middle position. From 0 to 5 (at the detent), the TBX functions like a normal tone circuit with filtration through a capacitor.
R-VSN-250KA-SSR-VSN-250KA-SSItem ID: 003914Potentiometer - 16mm, Snap-In, with Bracket, 250KA, Solid Shaft
250KA Audio. 16mm body size (mini type) Snap-In pot with mounting bracket. Solid Shaft ¼", 3/8" length shaft. 8mm bushing, ¼" bushing length. PC Mount. Nut and washer included.
R-VPV-250KA-BR-VPV-250KA-BItem ID: 003896Potentiometer - 250K Audio with Bracket
250K Audio with bracket.
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