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Potentiometer, PEC guitar amp, 10K Linear
Precision Electronic Components (PEC) Potentiometers are very high quality replacement and upgrade components. Hot molded Carbon element, gold-plated terminals, stainless steel shaft and housing. Mechanical rotation: 314°, ¼" shaft diameter, 3/8" bushing diameter, 3/8" shaft length. 2 watts.
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Potentiometer - Wah Pot Replacement for Ibanez 16mm Dual 500K/50K Linear
500K/50K dual wah replacement for Ibanez WH10. Rated Power: 0.2 Watt max
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Potentiometer - 50K Stereo Potentiometer - 3/16" Bushing, PC Mount Spider
50k reverse, 9/32" bushing diameter, 3/16" splined nylon shaft diameter.
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Potentiometer - 5K Linear, 11mm, PC Mount, Square, Marshall
Body width = 11mm, PC mount.
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Potentiometer - 50K Audio, 24mm, 3/8" Bushing, PC Mount, D Shaft
50k audio, 24mm, 3/8" bushing, pc mount, D-shaft.
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Potentiometer - Precision Electronics, 250K Linear, 28mm, Slotted Solid Shaft
250K linear, 28mm potentiometer with slotted solid shaft, made by Precision Electronics. 10% tolerance. 2 watts.
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Potentiometer - Wah Pot 150KL
150K linear Wah pot.
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Potentiometer - Dunlop, Wah Pot 20K for Bass
Dunlop 20K pot for the 105Q Crybaby Bass Wah.
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