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S-T8454S-T8454Item ID: 005774Alignment Kit
Contains 5 different tools for all standard adjustments. Includes extend-it" for long reaches. Tools are Delrin packaged in pocket-saver pouch. Tools are: 8282 Zenith type8606 Hex wrench9091 Hex core tooland 9304 double ended tool.
S-FM-1AS-FM-1AItem ID: 005700Antenna - Flat Platform for Old Radios
This antenna is made for vintage radios requiring long antennas to operate. Ultra flat log periodic antenna for all AM radios and High-end FM stereo applications. 6' coax cable and 75 Ohm adapter included. 17 x 9.5" x 1" height. Supports most tombstone and cathedral style radios. Please click on image for directions and additional images
S-FM-DXRS-FM-DXRItem ID: 005701Antenna - Whip, AM/SW/FM/HD Radio
Godar's all new FM-DXR-100 multi-band outdoor antenna is the first telescoping tunable FM whip antenna in existence. This is the largest broadband receiving whip antenna in the industry extending to 69 inches. This antenna is ideal for tuning in radio stations with weak signals doubling or even tripling the desired signal while still receiving the signals from local stations. This also work for AM and short wave frequencies as well as HD radio. This is a multi-use antenna that works well both in the home or office or mounted on an automobile or even a boat.
P-C70-AP-C70-AItem ID: 008539Antenna Coil
Will replace broadcast band coils in any tube type radio. Adjustable inductance for perfect tracking. Mount on bus wire leads or in 5/16" hole. Coils are similar to Miller numbers that correspond.
P-C73P-C73Item ID: 005495Antenna Coil - 250 µH, 3.5" x 9/32" Ferrite Rod with Mount Plate
250 uH, 3 1/3 x 9/32". Ferrite.
P-C75P-C75Item ID: 005496Antenna Coil - 650 µH, 4.125" x 11/32" Ferrite Rod
650 uH, 4 1/8 x 11/32"Ferrite.
S-AM-10S-AM-10Item ID: 005656Antenna, Low Compact Loop for AM
May be placed inside or on top of most floor standing radios or in back of or on top of table top radios. Works well with vintage and modern stereos on the AM section. Antenna receives standard local AM and internation short wave. Please click on image for directions and additional images
P-H415P-H415Item ID: 005535Cats Whiskers, package of 3 (Package of 3)
Similar to the Philmore cat's whiskers and others. Made of phosphor bronze.
S-C10-302S-C10-302Item ID: 005669Cement - Service
A quick-drying, waterproof celar adhesive which forms a strong vibration resistant bond. Ideal for speaker repairs and bonding semi-porus materials to each other or to metalsm plastics, etc. 2 oz. bottle.
P-C78P-C78Item ID: 005497Coil - 3-Lug Oscillator, 142UHY
3 lug, 142 uH.


(10 pages)
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