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Transistor - MJ15025, TO-3 Case
Transistor MJ15025, TO-3 Case
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Transistor - J-FET PN 4391
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Transistor - A18937 - Original Fender
A18937 Transistor - Fender
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Integrated Circuit - Marshall DG212CJ
Korg IC DG212CJ
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Diac - SBS 14 - Bidirectional Trigger Diode, 8V, TO-92 Case
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Positive Voltage Regulator - L7815CT, 15V, 1.5A, TO-3 Case
L7815CT, positive voltage regulator, 15V, 1.5A, TO-3 Case
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Diode - 1A 800V
A semiconductor device which passes current in the forward direction(from anode to cathode), and blocks current in the opposite direction.
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Diode - Hexfred, 16A, 1200V
High performance, ultrafast diodes. Improve efficiency, reduce noise, allow higher frequency operation.
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