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P-AB-1501-4P-AB-1501-4Item ID: 002016Speaker Basket - Peavey 1501-4 BW 4 Ohm
Peavey speaker basket, 1501-4BW - 4 ohm. for Black Widow.
P-A-BW15-4P-A-BW15-4Item ID: 001912Speaker - 15" Peavey Black Widow, 4 Ohm, 1501-4 BW
Sound Reinforcement - Low Frequency Driver / Steel Guitar Speaker Diameter: 15" · Power: 1400W Peak, 700W Program, 350W Continuous · Impedance: 4 Ohms · Sensitivity: 8.8dB / 1w 1m · Usable freq. range: 61Hz - 4.5kHz · Voice Coil Diameter: 4" ·
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P-AB-1502-4P-AB-1502-4Item ID: 002017Speaker Basket - Peavey 1502-4 DT RB, 4 Ohm
Peavey Black Widow Super Structure Replacement Basket (1502-4 DT BW™ RB, 4 Ohm). Replaceable baskets eliminate the need for re-coning speakers and the frustration and delays associated with the re-coning process. It only takes a few minutes to replace a basket and you are back in business. It just can't get any easier than the four steps outlined here: 1) Remove three screws on back of magnet structure. 2) Lift the magnet structure off the basket frame. 3) Clean the voice coil "gap". 4) Align screw holes, lower structure into place on new basket frame, insert screws and tighten.
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