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P-A-REDWHITEBLUES-8P-A-REDWHITEBLUES-8Item ID: 010430Red, White and Blues, Eminence®
Lead/rhythm guitar 12" American speaker, 8 ohm. Nice tight low-end, smooth midrange and top end sparkle. American cousin to The Governor.
P-A-TEXASHEAT-8P-A-TEXASHEAT-8Item ID: 010432Texas Heat, Eminence®
Lead/rhythm guitar 12" American speakers, 8 ohm. Nice warm, fat tone with a little top end bite and clarity. Very touch sensitive with a hint of British flavor.
P-A-THEGOVERNOR-8P-A-THEGOVERNOR-8Item ID: 010434The Governor, Eminence®
Lead/rhythm guitar 12" British speaker, 8 ohm. Classic British tone. Thick and raunchy with lots of mids.
P-A-THEWIZARD-8P-A-THEWIZARD-8Item ID: 010435The Wizard, Eminence®
Lead/rhythm guitar 12" British speakers, 8 ohm. Very articulate, but with a hint of grit. Nice sustain and exceptionally good tight bottom. Cross between Private Jack and The Governor
P-A-MOD12-110P-A-MOD12-110Item ID: 001957MOD12-110, Jensen® Mod Speaker
  • Overall Diameter: 12"
  • Rated Power: 110 Watts
  • Lows: Fat
  • Mids: Aggressive
  • Highs: Smooth
Guitarist Description: Strong, punchy, and articulate with emphasis on the mids. It responds to overdrive distortion with a tight and balanced fuzz that remains strong and straightforward.
P-A-G12-65P-A-G12-65Item ID: 001931G12-65 Heritage, Celestion
With its fast attack and tightly controlled low-end, the G12-65 became a firm favourite in the '80s with hard rock players. The precisely tuned midrange and crisp defined top-end contribute to an aggressive crunch sound that punches through the mix while the mid-range warmth and detail give weight and depth to single notes.
P-A-BW12-8P-A-BW12-8Item ID: 001911Speaker - 12" Peavey Black Widow, 8 Ohm, 1201-8 BW
(Sound Reinforcement - Low Frequency Driver) Sensitivity: 98.5 dB / 1W 1 m Usable freq. range: 60 Hz ~ 3.5 kHz Power capacity: 1400 W Peak, 700 W Program, 350 W Continuous
P-A-G12K-100P-A-G12K-100Item ID: 001937G12K-100, Celestion
Celestion Classic Series guitar speaker. The G12K-100 makes full use of the heaviest G12 magnet to combine huge power handling with superb clarity across a wide frequency response. A massive bottom-end, rock-hard midrange and restrained top-end make this the perfect speaker to add thump and grind to modern high-gain tones. When pushed into overdrive it responds with biting highs, chunky lows and rock solid mids.
P-A-ROCKET-50P-A-ROCKET-50Item ID: 001984Rocket 50, Celestion
Celestion Original Series guitar speaker. Look inside the back of a standard 4x12 and you may well find a quartet of Rocket 50s. This speaker performs well with any playing style, and won't break the bank - an affordable entry level speaker for those seeking the Celestion sound.
P-A-G12-GOLDP-A-G12-GOLDItem ID: 001933G12 "Alnico Gold", Celestion
The Gold is a wonderfully expressive and revealing loudspeaker, affording guitarists an unprecedented degree of dynamic control. This speaker captures the sound of a well worn in Blue, with chiming highs and powerful lows and mids. When pushed to the point of distortion it displays a colorful crunch with low end emphasis.
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