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P-A-C10QP-A-C10QItem ID: 001915C10Q, Jensen® Vintage Ceramic Speaker
Overall Diameter: 10" · Rated Power: 35 Watts · Lows: Loose · Mids: Aggressive · Highs: Bright · Guitarist Description: Straightforward tone with mid-frequency bite. Presented with overdrive distortion, it can sound edgy. Guitarist Description: For more information about our Jensen® speakers, see our tech corner article on Jensen Speakers.
P-A-G10VP-A-G10VItem ID: 001929G10V Vintage, Celestion
Celestion classic series guitar speaker. A worthy successor to the Vintage 10, the G10 Vintage is a 10" speaker with bags of attitude. Using powerful ceramic magnets and the same voice coil design as the Vintage 30, the G10 packs an impressive punch with its 60W power handling. Lots of bite and power with high frequency chime.
P-A-LEGEND-1058-8P-A-LEGEND-1058-8Item ID: 010422Legend 1058, Eminence®
Lead/rhythm guitar 10" speaker, 8 ohm. Vintage American tone with punchy lows and warm, smooth, bluesy mids and highs. Fatter Legend 1028K tone with more depth.
P-A-RAGINCAJUN-8P-A-RAGINCAJUN-8Item ID: 010427Ragin Cajun, Eminence®
Lead/rhythm guitar 10" American speaker, 8 ohm. Very loud, touch sensitive and responsive with nice bell sounding top end and a little bite.
P-A-RAMROD-8P-A-RAMROD-8Item ID: 010428Ramrod, Eminence®
Lead/rhythm guitar 10" British speaker, 8 ohm. Very loud, gutsy, and meaty tone with singing highs and nice, clear overtones
P-A-THECOPPERHEAD-8P-A-THECOPPERHEAD-8Item ID: 010433The Copperhead, Eminence®
Lead/rhythm guitar 10" American speakers, 8 ohm. Extremely balanced vintage tone with a little country honk and a touch of classic blues tone.
P-A-DELTA-10A-8P-A-DELTA-10A-8Item ID: 010417Delta 10A, Eminence®
American Standard Series 10" speaker, 8 ohm. Recommended for professional audio and bass guitar applications as a woofer/mid-bass or midrange in vented monitors, satellites and multi-way enclosures.
P-A-C10RP-A-C10RItem ID: 001916C10R, Jensen® Vintage Ceramic Speaker
Overall Diameter: 10" · Rated Power: 25 Watts · Lows: Loose · Mids: Firm · Highs: Bright · Guitarist Description: Colorful bell-like chime which transitions into a gritty response when presented with overdrive distortion. For more information about our Jensen® speakers, see our tech corner article on Jensen Speakers.
P-A-G10-GOLDP-A-G10-GOLDItem ID: 001927G10 "Alnico Gold", Celestion
The G10 Gold is the ultimate 10" speaker, blending unmistakable Alnico class with a rich low-end, creamy midrange and vintage chiming top-end. Springy, warm, revealing and highly expressive, it can be used singly or in pairs to add a classy sheen to any amp, or in a 4x10 configuration for higher volume depth, warmth and shimmer, with less of the boom associated with 4x12 cabinets.
P-A-T1020P-A-T1020Item ID: 002002T.F. Series 1020 10", Celestion
T.F. Series 1020 The 1020 is a bass and mid range driver with a high sensitivity. it is ideally suited to compact enclosures and high pass systems. 10" speaker · 300 watt program power · Response 60 - 3k Hz · 2.0" Voice Coil · 42 oz. Ceramic Magnet · Available in 8 ohm impedance ·
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