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G12H, Celestion
Used singly it exhibits a pleasing, strong low-end, but it's in a 4x12 configuration that it generates the great chugging "thump" that the guitar heroes of the day were renowned for. With a densely complex and buttery mid-range and a finely detailed top-end, the G12H is excellent for cranking out huge, dark power chords, with smooth and rich bridge pickup tones and flutey neck pickup tones. With fatter lows and brighter highs, it is slightly more aggressive than its Heritage cousin. More...
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Speaker Basket - Peavey 1203-8 BW RB, 8 Ohm
Peavey speaker basket 1203-8 BW RB, 8 ohms.
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15-500 PA speaker, Sica
A 15" professional PA speaker that will give you both clarity and power. SICA 15-500 Professional Loudspeaker More...
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Speaker Basket - Peavey 1202N-4 RB, 4 Ohm
Peavey speaker basket 1202N-4 RB, 4 ohms.
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G12-80 Classic Lead, Celestion
A firm favourite with lead guitarists, the Classic Lead features a tightly controlled low-end, with strong high bass / low mid punch, aggressive mid range attack and a powerful yet controlled top-end. for power chords it has the tone to make its presence felt but the subtle high-frequency roll-off makes it ideal for solos, able to project single notes on loud stages without becoming shrill. More...
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Speaker - 15" Peavey Low Rider, 8 Ohm
Sound Reinforcement - Subwoofer More...
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G12M "Greenback" Heritage, Celestion
Known simply these days as the "Greenback", the G12M's fabled "brown tone" is characterised by a warm, controlled low-end, a rich, vocal mid-range and a delicate, detailed top-end. Loaded into a 4x12 and driven hard, these speakers exude warm, crunchy chords and sweet searing single-notes. When pushed into overdrive it has a colorful crunch and focused top end. More...
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C12B25P, Sica Ceramic Bass with steel frame - 8 ohm
Sica Classic bass speaker. Straightforward tone and hard driving punch. More...
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