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P12N No bell, Jensen® Vintage Alnico Speaker
Overall Diameter: 12" · Rated Power: 50 Watts · Lows: Loose · Mids: Aggressive · Highs: Bright · Guitarist Description: Colorful bell-like chime which transitions into a gritty response when presented with overdrive distortion. More...
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Speaker - 12" Jensen Jet Blackbird, 100 W, 8 Ohm, B-Stock
B-Stock speaker Overall Diameter: 12" · Rated Power: 100 Watts · Lows: Fat · Mids: Firm · Highs: Smooth · Guitarist Description: Extremely warm and smooth with a very rich, fat low-end and sparkling highs. It handles overdrive distortion by bringing out colorful detail and holding strong even at maximum crunch. More...
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