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Magnet - Peavey Black Widow
The Peavey Black Widow is a high efficiency magnet structure to provide outstanding sensitivity, reliability, and performance.
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Driver - Peavey - RX 22 HF
1" high frequency driver, 8 ohms, 120 watts, 400 - 20k response.
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G12 "Alnico Gold", Celestion
The Gold is a wonderfully expressive and revealing loudspeaker, affording guitarists an unprecedented degree of dynamic control. This speaker captures the sound of a well worn in Blue, with chiming highs and powerful lows and mids. When pushed to the point of distortion it displays a colorful crunch with low end emphasis. More...
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Speaker - 15" Peavey Black Widow, 8 Ohm, 1505-8 DT BW
Sound Reinforcement - Low Frequency Driver More...
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Bell Cover - Jensen AlNiCo R Type Speakers
For use on the Jensen P-A-P8R, P-A-P10R, P-A-P12R and P-A-P12Q.
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Driver - Peavey - 14XT
1" throat diameter, 8 ohms, 50 watts, 1k - 18k response.
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Tube 10, Celestion
Celestion Original Series guitar speaker. As the name suggests, the Tube 10 sounds great when driven by tube amplification. Designed to deliver maximum response and classic tone, this little speaker truly rocks. When overdriven it has an unobtrusive distortion. More...
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Diaphragm - Peavey 44XT
44XT diaphragm kit
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