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S-H301-103S-H301-103Item ID: 005722Clip, Alligator, Black, package of 10 (Package of 10)
Will accept bare wire or standard banana plugs. Insulated barrel, box/10
S-T5000S-T5000Item ID: 004296Jumper Test Lead Set - Clip 35mm, Total Length 24", 22AWG
Set of 10 Jumper Test Leads " Alligator Clips 35mm each. Total Length 24", 22AWG wire. Black, Red, White, Yellow, Green
S-Z5R542S-Z5R542Item ID: 004415Test Lead, Set, Military Specification
Contains: 2 alligator clips, 2 spade lugs, 2 pin jacks (long), 2 pin jacks (short), 2 probe tips, 2 tip insulators and 2 universal test jacks. All have threaded male ends. Also contains two 54" leads with female threaded ends. All parts are rolled up in a convenient pouch. Sealed in foil military package. The ultimate set of test leads!
S-Z370S-Z370Item ID: 004414Analog Multimeter - Volt-Ohm-Millimeter
Intermagnetic version to prevent interference from magnetic fields. Double protection of diode and fuse, transistor hFE test function. DCV: 0.25V, 0.5V, 2.5V, 10V, 50V, 250V 1000V. ACV: 10V, 50V, 250V, 500V,1000V. DCA: 50 uA, 2.5 mA, 25mA, 250mA. Ohms: x1, x10, x1k, x10k. Dimensions: 148mm x 98mm x 41mm
S-Z150S-Z150Item ID: 004411Digital Capacitance Meter
Nine ranges give precision readings from 0.1 pF to 20,000 µF. Can be used to check virtually all capacitors for tolerance value, selecting matched sets, etc. 0.1 pf to 20,000 μF, 9 ranges · Over range indicator · 0.5% basic accuracy · Tilt stand · 3-1/2 digit LCD, 1" h x 2-1/4" w · 1.5" x 2.8" x 6" · Zero adjustment · 1.1 lbs · Input protected · Low battery indicator · Includes case, leads, battery, spare fuse and instructions ·
S-Z3220S-Z3220Item ID: 004413Digital Multimeter
Ergonomically designed. Uses one 9V battery, included. 0.5% basic DC accuracy · audible continuity test · 3 1/2 digit LCD, 0.625" high · 10M ohm input resistance · 1.5" x 3" x 7.5"(w/o rubber case) · overload protection · voltage to 1000VDC, 750VAC · capacitance to 20 microfarads · polarity indicator · frequency to 10MHz · over range indicator · 10A (AC or DC) · low battery indicator · hFE and diode test · tilt stand and case · 1.6 lbs. ·
S-TBKINGS-TBKINGItem ID: 004318Bias King
As tubes age, their bias point will shift. By using the BIAS KING™ you can maintain the sound you want by periodically adjusting the bias on your own amp. This will keep your tubes in top shape throughout their life and will keep your amp sounding its best. Use the chart provided to find out what range of current flow is acceptable for the tube type in your amp. It works on most octal socket tube amps, and requires no power source other than the amp it's plugged in to. It can also be used to match tubes into pairs. Features one tube socket allowing the bias to be checked one tube at a time.
S-TBIASMETERS-TBIASMETERItem ID: 004317Bias and Matching Meter, Alessandro
After all is said and done, few components are as critical to the quality of your sound as your power tubes. In short, improperly balanced and biased tubes can wreak havoc with your amp's overall performance, and more importantly with your sound. Unbalanced tubes will draw unequal amounts of current, won't sound as musical, and will probably emit an audible hum. But the Alessandro Bias and Matching Meter lets you regain control over your amp's sonic output.
S-MAFGENS-MAFGENItem ID: 004264Generator - Audio Frequency
The oscillation frequency range of this audio generator is between voice frequency band and super voice frequency band. Square and sine wave. 10K ohm input impedance, 10 V rms maximum input voltage. 600 ohm output impedance. Equipped with synchronized input terminals, enabling the high power output signas to be accurately controlled by small signals. comes with test lead and ground lead. 5.9" high x 9.8" wide x 5.1"deep.
S-MRFGENS-MRFGENItem ID: 004265Generator - RF Signal
Compact solid state RF signal generator designed for the hobbyist, service bench and technical instruction. The generator is most suitedfor checking and aligning the IF circuit and tuners in AM, FM, and TV's. 100KHz to 150MHz in 6 bands and up to 450MHz on third harmonics. 5.9" high x 9.8" wide x 5.1" deep. Features: Wide frequency range- 100 Khz to 150 MHz · With 1 KHz oscillator purpose of modulation · High Stability · Output control- 0dB/-20dB/-40dB and fine adjuster · Frequency accuracy + or - 5% · RF output- 100mV rms appx.


(2 pages)
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