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S-TNN7776S-TNN7776Item ID: 004333Long needle nose pliers, Xcelite
Extra long nose, Serrated jaws, Green cushion grips
S-T703034S-T703034Item ID: 004300Punch - Greenlee Chassis, ¾" Diameter
Round hole punches for use in mild steel up to 16 gauge. Make professional chassis punches on your projects. Absolutely no returns unless punch is defective!
S-T378MS-T378MItem ID: 004293Serrated jaw pliers, Xcelite
5 ½" Overall Length, 1 ½" Jaw Length
S-TMS543JS-TMS543JItem ID: 004332Relieved tapered head Xcelite cutter pliers
Diagonal cutting pliers, Relieved tapered head flush cutter, Allows use between closely spaced components, Green cushion grips
S-TCN255S-TCN255Item ID: 004321Pliers with 60 degree curved nose, Xcelite
Xcelite Curved Nose Pliers, with 60° curved nose, smooth jaws thin tip and green cushion grips.
S-T5092S-T5092Item ID: 004298Tube extractor
Tube Extractor with straight jaws for firm grip, spring steel construction, nickel plated, insulated jaws.
S-TXP600S-TXP600Item ID: 004351Xcelite XP600 6 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set
Electrostatic Discharge Safe. Designed to maximize efficiency and production. Fast turning swivel cap with cavity provides precise centering. Constructed of superior strength materials. Black oxide tips for longer wear life.
S-TGTDKY1S-TGTDKY1Item ID: 004326T-Handle Drum Key, CruzTOOLS GrooveTech
The GrooveTech puts a new 'spin' on drum keys with a unique sliding 'T' handle that allows quick and easy changing of drum heads without power tools. The handle can be slid from one end to the other for extra leverage - especially useful for high-tension drum corps tuning. Fit and finish is top-drawer, using heat-treated chrome vanadium alloy with a polished chrome finish. The detachable ¼"' drive drum key socket is made to precise tolerances.
S-T100XS-T100XItem ID: 004283Wire Stripper/Cutter - Xcelite, 5", with Cushion Grip Handle
5" wire stripper & cutter with cushion grip handles. Features: Cuts and strips both solid and stranded wire cleanly, neatly. · Adjustable screw stop for different wire sizes. · Hardened with ground blades. · Red plastic-coated cushion grip provides maximum leverage. ·
S-T105SCGVS-T105SCGVItem ID: 004285Wire Stripper/Cutter - Xcelite, 6", with Spring and Lock
6" stripper, cutter with spring and lock, cushion grip handles, carded. Features Wire cutting and stripping edges conveniently located in front of pivot · Allows use in tight places · Needle nose pliers add wire pulling and bending capabilities · Scissors-action stripper for cleaner, faster and more accurate stripping · Serrated edge · Includes work-speeding automatic spring and lock · Red cushion grip handle provides maximum leverage · For copper and aluminum wire 10-22 AWG ·
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