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S-CCW100PS-CCW100PItem ID: 003961Circuit writer, Caig
Circuit Writer precision conductive ink dispenser makes instant traces on most surfaces(epoxy, glass, metal). Draw traces on circuit boards, repair defective traces, make jumpers and shield electronics, design prototype circuits, repair rear-window heater traces. Silver based solution, 7ml pen dispenser.
S-CMATES-CMATEItem ID: 004002Polish mate, Novus (6 pieces)
Novus Plastic Polish Mates offer cloth-like softness in a disposable wiper. These wipers are highly absorbent, abrasion-resistant, low lint and extra durable. Package of 6 Mates.
S-CS5S-6S-CS5S-6Item ID: 004008DeoxIT® Shield spray
Seals, lubricates and preserves metal surfaces against oxidation and contamination. USE ON: Clean/new surfaces or those cleaned with DeoxIt. PreservIT contains no cleaners or deoxidizers. It provides long lasting protection for newly manufactured components or those cleaned by ultrasonics, DeoxIT® or other procedures. Provides a light (5%) coating. 200 ml(5oz), adjustable valve, no CFC's or HCFC's.
S-CDP5S-6S-CDP5S-6Item ID: 003975DeoxIT® pump spray
DeoxIt Pump Spray 25% concentrate solution. Non-flammable. 150ml. May be shipped by air to US and other countries.
S-CFN5MS-H15S-CFN5MS-H15Item ID: 003980DeoxIT® Fader Lube Mini Spray, Caig
DeoxIT® cleaner and lubricant for conductive plastic faders and controls. Improves conductivity, maintains optimum signal quality, reduces wear and improves tactile feel - flushing action, safe on plastics. 5% solution, mini spray. Non Flammable.
S-CL260-N2GS-CL260-N2GItem ID: 003996DeoxIT® L260NP Grease (Formerly Cailube) squeeze tube, Caig
Lithium-based preparation. Good lubrication, excellent wear resistance, excellent pressure resistance, excellent oxidation (galvanic corrosion) protection, high dripping-point characteristics. Operating temperatures: -40 C to 260 C. 2 grams, squeeze tube.
S-CDDW-V610S-CDDW-V610Item ID: 003970Degreaser Wash, Caig
DeoxIT® Brand DEGREASER WASH, Val-U Series Spray, adjustable valve, 10 oz. / 283 g, fast evaporationg and safe on plastics. Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
S-CSK-GXMDS-CSK-GXMDItem ID: 004010DeoxIT® Gold GXMD, Vacuum Tube Survival Kit, Caig
The Caig DeoxIT® Gold GxMD Vacuum Tube Survival Kit includes everything you need to properly clean the pins of vacuum tubes and tube sockets. Includes: DeoxIT® Cleaner, 25% solution, 25 mL bottle, #D25L-25C DeoxIT® GOLD GX-MD, 100% solution, 7.4 mL bottle, #GXMD-2D8 Lint Free Cloth Squares, cotton, 12 each, #LFC-C Soaking Cups, 2 each Foam Swabs, 2 each, #SWP Socket Cleaning Brushers (black plastic, Large, 2 each, #AB Socket Cleaning Brush (metal wire), 1 each, #B-SS116
S-CK-2CS-CK-2CItem ID: 003990DeoxIT® 2C Squeeze Tube Kit, Caig
Includes: DeoxIT® squeeze tube (#D100L-2C) DeoxIT® GOLD squeeze tube (#G100L-2C) DeoxIT® SHIELD squeeze tube (#S100L-2C) DeoxIT® FaderLube Liquid squeeze tube (#F100L-L2C)
S-C225S-C225Item ID: 003953Plastic polish, Novus #3, 8 oz
Removes scratches from acrylic surfaces. More abrasive than Novus #2. effective for deeper scratches. Treatment must be followed by Novus #2 to buff and polish surface.


(28 pages)
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