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S-CCCS-2100S-CCCS-2100Item ID: 003960DustALL Pro, Caig
DustALL PRO: precision Air Duster Removes Dirt, Lint & Particles - 100% Non-Flammable. Quickly and safely removes dust, lint and particles from sensitive electronic equipment, computers, lab equipment, optical grade surfaces and other mechanisms and equipment. Packaged with a precise one-piece trigger valve and extension tube for controlled application. Portable, precision filtered. No CFC's/HCFC's. 10 ounces, non-flammable Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
S-CG100L-2CS-CG100L-2CItem ID: 003981DeoxIT® Gold, Squeeze Tube, Caig
DeoxIT® GOLD G100L (formerly ProGold), Squeeze Tube, 100% solution, 2 mL, (Applications = 50 ± drops, 0.04 ml/drop)
S-CS5S-6S-CS5S-6Item ID: 004008DeoxIT® Shield spray
Seals, lubricates and preserves metal surfaces against oxidation and contamination. USE ON: Clean/new surfaces or those cleaned with DeoxIt. PreservIT contains no cleaners or deoxidizers. It provides long lasting protection for newly manufactured components or those cleaned by ultrasonics, DeoxIT® or other procedures. Provides a light (5%) coating. 200 ml(5oz), adjustable valve, no CFC's or HCFC's.
S-CDFG-213-1S-CDFG-213-1Item ID: 003971DeoxIT® Fader Grease, Caig
DeoxIT® FaderGrease was specifically formulated to improve conductivity and lubricate conductive plastic and carbon compound faders, switches and other mechanisms with sliding surfaces. Over time these components lose their original lubrication from wear and/or repeated cleaning. Dust, dirt, smoke, drink spills and other contamination also degrade the components' lubricant. The need for re-lubrication is necessary to avoid excess wear and abrasion to the plastic surfaces. 28 grams
S-CK-2CS-CK-2CItem ID: 003990DeoxIT® 2C Squeeze Tube Kit, Caig
Includes: DeoxIT® squeeze tube (#D100L-2C) DeoxIT® GOLD squeeze tube (#G100L-2C) DeoxIT® SHIELD squeeze tube (#S100L-2C) DeoxIT® FaderLube Liquid squeeze tube (#F100L-L2C)
S-CSWPP-25S-CSWPP-25Item ID: 004013Pointer Cotton Swab (25), Caig
Pointer Swabs, Cotton, with mini tapered tip and wood handle; 3 inch,.5 mm to 2.3 mm Head, package of 25.
S-CG100L-2DBS-CG100L-2DBItem ID: 003982DeoxIT® Gold, Brush Applicator, Caig
DeoxIT® GOLD G100L (formerly ProGold), 7.4mL Bottle with Brush Applicator, 100% solution. Cleaner Audio · Cleaner Video · Reliable Data · Improve your: USB · Firewire · HDMI/DVI · RCA · BNC · SCSI · Ethernet · S-Video · Component Video · HDTV Connections · 1/4" Input Jacks · ·
S-CGN5S-6NS-CGN5S-6NItem ID: 003988DeoxIT® Gold GN5 Spray, Caig
DeoxIT® GOLD GN5 Spray (formerly ProGold), 5% solution, 163 g, non-flammable, quick dry - non drip, and safe on plastics! Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
S-CLFC-C50S-CLFC-C50Item ID: 003998Lint-free Cotton Cloth (50), Caig
Lint-Free Cloth, cotton, 2.25" x 4.5", package of 50.
S-CM20S-9S-CM20S-9Item ID: 003999Mechanicall Spray, Caig
20% Adjustable Value, 9 oz, 255 g Concentrated formula for superior lubrication and long-lasting protection from corrosion. Superior Lubrication & Protection · Penetrates & Displaces Moisture · Dissolves Corrosion · Stops Squeaks · Frees Sticky Mechanisms · Excellent Migration (spreading) Properties · Extremely Cost Effective - Smaller Amount Required · Will Not Dry Out · Prevents Tarnishing · Seals and Protects Even Hard-to-Protect Metal Parts and Mechanisms ·
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