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S-CD100PS-CD100PItem ID: 003965DeoxIT® pen (7ml, 100% solution)
The pen applicator gives you more control over the regular spray. Contains DeoxIT® 100% solution. No solvent. 7 ML of solution. The 5% solutions contain petroleum naphtha as the carrier solvent, the 100% solutions, i.e. pens, do not contain a solvent.
S-CDP5S-6S-CDP5S-6Item ID: 003975DeoxIT® pump spray
DeoxIt Pump Spray 25% concentrate solution. Non-flammable. 150ml. May be shipped by air to US and other countries.
S-CSN5S-6NS-CSN5S-6NItem ID: 004011DeoxIT® Shield SN5 Spray, Caig
DeoxIT® SHIELD S5 Spray (formerly PreservIT P5S-6), 5% solution, flushing action, 142 g, (Applications = 1200 ±). Seals, lubricates and protects metal surfaces against oxidation and contamination. Use on clean/new surfaces or those precleaned with DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner.
Special Order Item
Please Contact us or call us at 480.820.5411 to order this item.
S-CS5S-6S-CS5S-6Item ID: 004008DeoxIT® Shield spray
Seals, lubricates and preserves metal surfaces against oxidation and contamination. USE ON: Clean/new surfaces or those cleaned with DeoxIt. PreservIT contains no cleaners or deoxidizers. It provides long lasting protection for newly manufactured components or those cleaned by ultrasonics, DeoxIT® or other procedures. Provides a light (5%) coating. 200 ml(5oz), adjustable valve, no CFC's or HCFC's.
S-CS100L-2CS-CS100L-2CItem ID: 004006DeoxIT® Shield squeeze tube, Caig
DeoxIT® SHIELD S100L (formerly PreservIT P100L-2C) Squeeze Tube, 100% solution, 2 mL, (Applications = 50 ± drops, 0.04 ml/drop.
S-CS100L-2DBS-CS100L-2DBItem ID: 004007DeoxIT® Shield, Brush Applicator, Caig
DeoxIT® Shield S100L Brush Applicator (formerly PreservIT P100L-2DB), 100% solution, 7.4 mL, (Applications = 500 ± brush strokes, 10mm long).
S-CK-D1W-50S-CK-D1W-50Item ID: 003992DeoxIT® Wipes (50), 100% solution, Caig
DeoxIT® Wipes, 100%, 50 individual wipes, zip-lock bag
S-T7875BS-T7875BItem ID: 004311Desoldering pump tip - replacement for 7874B, Weller
Restore the performance of your desoldering pump by replacing the tip.
S-T211S-T211Item ID: 009848Diamond Fret File For Medium And Wide Fretwire - 150 and 300 Grit
Diamond fret file with offset shape for more comfortable fret dressing and improved clearance over the guitar body at high frets. Both full length concave filing grooves (for medium and wide fretwire) uniformly coated with micro industrial diamond particle. The width of most medium fret wire is .080” - .095", and the width of wide fret wire is .100” - .110", this fret file can be used for .090” - .110" fret wire, which means it will work for all wide and most medium fret wire.
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S-Z150S-Z150Item ID: 004411Digital Capacitance Meter
Nine ranges give precision readings from 0.1 pF to 20,000 µF. Can be used to check virtually all capacitors for tolerance value, selecting matched sets, etc. 0.1 pf to 20,000 μF, 9 ranges · Over range indicator · 0.5% basic accuracy · Tilt stand · 3-1/2 digit LCD, 1" h x 2-1/4" w · 1.5" x 2.8" x 6" · Zero adjustment · 1.1 lbs · Input protected · Low battery indicator · Includes case, leads, battery, spare fuse and instructions ·


(26 pages)
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