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S-CAB-100S-CAB-100Item ID: 003956Connector Cleaning Brushes (100), Caig
Nylon brush for cleaning contacts and connectors. Ideal for phone and phono(RCA), XLR, coax connectors and patchbays. Package of 100
S-CG100S-2S-CG100S-2Item ID: 003984DeoxIT® Gold G100 Spray, Caig
Unique contact cleaner, conditioner, enhancer, lubricant and protectant for PLATED metal surfaces. Improves conductivity, maintains optimum signal quality, reduces fretting & dendrite corrosion, and stabilizes connections between similar and dissimilar metals. DeoxIT® GOLD also reduces wear and abrasion, arcing, RFI and intermittent connections and improves connector performance/reliability. Ideal for gold plated surfaces. On oxidized surfaces,pre-treat with DeoxIT® contact cleaner. Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
S-CS100L-2CS-CS100L-2CItem ID: 004006DeoxIT® Shield squeeze tube, Caig
DeoxIT® SHIELD S100L (formerly PreservIT P100L-2C) Squeeze Tube, 100% solution, 2 mL, (Applications = 50 ± drops, 0.04 ml/drop.
S-CL260-N8S-CL260-N8Item ID: 003997DeoxIT® L260NP Grease, Caig
Lithium-based preparation. Good lubrication, excellent wear resistance, excellent pressure resistance, excellent oxidation (galvanic corrosion) protection, high dripping-point characteristics. Operating temperatures: -40°C to 260°C.
S-CSWP-100S-CSWP-100Item ID: 004012Precision Swabs (100), Caig
Precision Swabs, Foam, 1/4 x 3/4 x 4-1/2", package of 100.
S-CM260-N1S-CM260-N1Item ID: 004001DeoxIT® Grease M260NP, Caig
DeoxIT® L260Np Grease (formerly CaiLube), no particles, 28 gram jar
S-CS100L-2DBS-CS100L-2DBItem ID: 004007DeoxIT® Shield, Brush Applicator, Caig
DeoxIT® Shield S100L Brush Applicator (formerly PreservIT P100L-2DB), 100% solution, 7.4 mL, (Applications = 500 ± brush strokes, 10mm long).
S-CK-G1W-25S-CK-G1W-25Item ID: 003995DeoxIT® Gold Individual Wipes (25), Caig
DeoxIT® GOLD Wipes (formerly ProGold), 100%, 25 individual wipes, clamshell.
S-CM20S-9S-CM20S-9Item ID: 003999Mechanicall Spray, Caig
20% Adjustable Value, 9 oz, 255 g Concentrated formula for superior lubrication and long-lasting protection from corrosion. Superior Lubrication & Protection · Penetrates & Displaces Moisture · Dissolves Corrosion · Stops Squeaks · Frees Sticky Mechanisms · Excellent Migration (spreading) Properties · Extremely Cost Effective - Smaller Amount Required · Will Not Dry Out · Prevents Tarnishing · Seals and Protects Even Hard-to-Protect Metal Parts and Mechanisms ·
Special Order Item
Please Contact us or call us at 480.820.5411 to order this item.
S-CM260-C8S-CM260-C8Item ID: 004000DeoxIT® M260Cp Grease, copper particles, Caig
DeoxIT® M260Cp Grease (formerly CaiLube), copper particles, 226 g, jar. Manufactured in semi-solid form for use as a combination cleaning, deoxidizing, protecting and lubricating preparation. Greases protect against oxidation (galvanic corrosion) and are free of mineral acids, sulphurs, alkalis and other noxious components aggressive to metals. DeoxIT7 Greases improve performance of electrical contacts and mechanical components that require precise lubrication.
Special Order Item
Please Contact us or call us at 480.820.5411 to order this item.
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