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S-F309S-F309Item ID: 004017Toner - Mohawk, Ultra Classic, Walnut Brown (Medium)
Walnut Brown - Use as a replacement for burnt umber. Great for late 1920s to early 1930s sets. 13oz. Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
S-M12-1048S-M12-1048Item ID: 004246Heat Shrink - 0.250" Diameter, 23 pieces, 6" each
Shrinks to half it's original size when heated by heat gun, soldering iron or just a match. Use for insulating terminals, connectors and wire splices. Comes in 6" length, quantity of 23.
S-F306S-F306Item ID: 004016Toner - Mohawk, Ultra Classic, Perfect Brown, 13 oz can
Perfect Brown - A nice shade that is a great match for 1930s and 1940s sets. 13oz. Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
S-F227S-F227Item ID: 004015Wrinkle Finish Paint, Black, VHT
Great for refinishing vintage metal radio cabinets, faceplates and speakers. Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
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S-CSK-AV35S-CSK-AV35Item ID: 004009A/V Survival Kit, Caig
Caig Audio/Visual Survival Kit. Includes: DeoxIT® DN5MS-15, (Applications = 150 ±) DeoxIT® GOLD GN5MS-15, (Applications = 150 ±) DeoxIT® FaderLube F5MS-H15, (Applications = 100 ±) DeoxIT® D1W, Individual Wipes, 3 each DeoxIT® GOLD G1W, Individual Wipes, 3 each DeoxIT® D100L-2C, (Applications = 50 ± drops, 0.04 ml/drop) DeoxIT® GOLD G100L-2C, (Applications = 50 ± drops, 0.04 ml/drop) DeoxIT® FaderLube F100L-H2C, (Applications = 50 ± drops, 0.04 ml/drop) Lint-free swabs, brushes and cloths Zip-lock pouch (4.5 x 7.5 x 1")
S-CSWPP-25S-CSWPP-25Item ID: 004013Pointer Cotton Swab (25), Caig
Pointer Swabs, Cotton, with mini tapered tip and wood handle; 3 inch,.5 mm to 2.3 mm Head, package of 25.
S-CGN5S-6NS-CGN5S-6NItem ID: 003988DeoxIT® Gold GN5 Spray, Caig
DeoxIT® GOLD GN5 Spray (formerly ProGold), 5% solution, 163 g, non-flammable, quick dry - non drip, and safe on plastics! Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
S-CG100L-2CS-CG100L-2CItem ID: 003981DeoxIT® Gold, Squeeze Tube, Caig
DeoxIT® GOLD G100L (formerly ProGold), Squeeze Tube, 100% solution, 2 mL, (Applications = 50 ± drops, 0.04 ml/drop)
S-CAX30WS-CAX30WItem ID: 003959Axe wipes, Caig metal string cleaner (30 wipes)
Axe Wipes - Metal string cleaner prolongs life, improves sound quality and dissolves oxidation and corrosion on guitar strings. Protects against acid from hand and lubricates for fast smooth movement. 30 wipes.
S-M401WS-M401WItem ID: 004248Spaghetti - Old-Style, White, 11 AWG, Minimum Order is 10'
White fiberglass sleeving is varnished and closely resembles early style spaghetti. 11AWg. 10 foot minimum order.
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