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S-CD100L-2DBS-CD100L-2DBItem ID: 003964DeoxIT® Brush Applicator, Caig
DeoxIT® D100L Brush Applicator, 100% solution, 7.4 ml, (Applications = 500 ± brush strokes, 10mm long).
S-CK-CK44-GS-CK-CK44-GItem ID: 003991Caikote 44 Kit, Caig
Conductive Carbon Coating for most surfaces (rubber, epoxy, glass, plastic). It is ideal for repairing membrane buttons, keyboard buttons, and other carbon based surfaces. It may also be used as a coating for shielding (EMI) of electronics. Net Weight: 1.0 g Surface Resistivity: 50 ohms/sq Volume Resistivity: 0.5 ohm-cm Attenuation: 60-65 dB @ 2 mils Recommended Film Thickness: 2.0 - 3.0 mils (51-75 mm)
S-TCK20S-TCK20Item ID: 004320Screwdriver Set - Xcelite, 3/16" & ¼" Phil Slotted, Reversible
Two piece reversible screwdriver set. Includes: One RB1 reversible screwdriver blade, Phillips Tip Size #1, Slotted tip size 3/16" · One RB2 reversible screwdriver blade, Phillips Tip Size #2, Slotted tip size ¼" · One amber handle ·
S-TBKINGS-TBKINGItem ID: 004318Bias King
As tubes age, their bias point will shift. By using the BIAS KING™ you can maintain the sound you want by periodically adjusting the bias on your own amp. This will keep your tubes in top shape throughout their life and will keep your amp sounding its best. Use the chart provided to find out what range of current flow is acceptable for the tube type in your amp. It works on most octal socket tube amps, and requires no power source other than the amp it's plugged in to. It can also be used to match tubes into pairs. Features one tube socket allowing the bias to be checked one tube at a time.
S-C226S-C226Item ID: 003954Plastic polish, Novus #1, 8 oz
Cleans and glazes plastic surface to resist finger markings, dust build-up and is anti-static.
P-GAILC-975P-GAILC-975Item ID: 002076Polish - Gibson® Luthiers Choice Triple Pack 4 oz of each
One 4oz bottle of each polish, string cleaner and fretboard conditioner. All Gibson Instrument Care products are exclusively formulated to be used on all nitro cellulose lacquer finishes.
S-CDFG-213-1S-CDFG-213-1Item ID: 003971DeoxIT® Fader Grease, Caig
DeoxIT® FaderGrease was specifically formulated to improve conductivity and lubricate conductive plastic and carbon compound faders, switches and other mechanisms with sliding surfaces. Over time these components lose their original lubrication from wear and/or repeated cleaning. Dust, dirt, smoke, drink spills and other contamination also degrade the components' lubricant. The need for re-lubrication is necessary to avoid excess wear and abrasion to the plastic surfaces. 28 grams
S-CDFW-V710S-CDFW-V710Item ID: 003972DeoxIT® Flux Wash, Caig
DeoxIT® Brand FLUX WASH, Val-U Series Spray, adjustable valve, 10 oz. / 283 g, fast evaporationg and safe on plastics. Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
S-CCW100PS-CCW100PItem ID: 003961Circuit writer, Caig
Circuit Writer precision conductive ink dispenser makes instant traces on most surfaces(epoxy, glass, metal). Draw traces on circuit boards, repair defective traces, make jumpers and shield electronics, design prototype circuits, repair rear-window heater traces. Silver based solution, 7ml pen dispenser.
S-CMATES-CMATEItem ID: 004002Polish mate, Novus (6 pieces)
Novus Plastic Polish Mates offer cloth-like softness in a disposable wiper. These wipers are highly absorbent, abrasion-resistant, low lint and extra durable. Package of 6 Mates.


(26 pages)
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