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S-TWLC100S-TWLC100Item ID: 004346Solder station WLC100, Weller
40 Watts Soldering Station for Hobbyist and DIYer Input Voltage: 120 · Output Voltage: 120 · Power Consumption: 5 - 40 watts · Temperature Range: 900ºF max · On/Off switch with "power-on" indicator light · Variable control produces 5 to 40 watts · Natural sponge tip cleaning pad · Ideal for hobbyist, DIYers and students · Includes 1/8" screwdriver tip · UL listed ·
S-TBIASMETERS-TBIASMETERItem ID: 004317Bias and Matching Meter, Alessandro
After all is said and done, few components are as critical to the quality of your sound as your power tubes. In short, improperly balanced and biased tubes can wreak havoc with your amp's overall performance, and more importantly with your sound. Unbalanced tubes will draw unequal amounts of current, won't sound as musical, and will probably emit an audible hum. But the Alessandro Bias and Matching Meter lets you regain control over your amp's sonic output.
S-T503S-T503Item ID: 004297Solder wick, 0.125" diameter
.125" Wide x 5' Long. Great for removing solder from printed circuit boards.
S-T7874BS-T7874BItem ID: 004310Manual desoldering pump, Weller
Removes melted solder by suction
S-TETPS-TETPItem ID: 004323Soldering iron tip - conical, for WES51, Weller
Restore the performance of your soldering iron by replacing the tip.
S-Z3220S-Z3220Item ID: 004413Digital Multimeter
Ergonomically designed. Uses one 9V battery, included. 0.5% basic DC accuracy · audible continuity test · 3 1/2 digit LCD, 0.625" high · 10M ohm input resistance · 1.5" x 3" x 7.5"(w/o rubber case) · overload protection · voltage to 1000VDC, 750VAC · capacitance to 20 microfarads · polarity indicator · frequency to 10MHz · over range indicator · 10A (AC or DC) · low battery indicator · hFE and diode test · tilt stand and case · 1.6 lbs. ·
S-Z5R542S-Z5R542Item ID: 004415Test Lead, Set, Military Specification
Contains: 2 alligator clips, 2 spade lugs, 2 pin jacks (long), 2 pin jacks (short), 2 probe tips, 2 tip insulators and 2 universal test jacks. All have threaded male ends. Also contains two 54" leads with female threaded ends. All parts are rolled up in a convenient pouch. Sealed in foil military package. The ultimate set of test leads!
S-CDCC-V510S-CDCC-V510Item ID: 003969Contact Cleaner Wash, Caig
DeoxIT® Brand Contact Cleaner Wash, Val-U Series Spray, adjustable valve, 10 oz. / 283 g, fast evaporationg and safe on plastics. Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
S-CDN5MS-15S-CDN5MS-15Item ID: 003973DeoxIT® DN5 Mini spray
Contact cleaner and rejuvenator for electrical connections. Quick dry, non drip and safe on plastics.
S-T42HS-T42HItem ID: 004295Seizer forceps, Xcelite
Versatile tool with unusual holding qualities, Clamps firmly to hold wires for soldering, Acts as a heat sink and retrieves small parts from hard to reach places, Precision machined tempered stainless steel, 3 position snap lock, Serrated jaws.
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