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S-W900-AHES-W900-AHEItem ID: 00440622 AWG High-end Guitar Wire, Alessandro
Eliminate noise right near the source of your electric guitar signal with this high quality shielded wire. Used to connect your guitar's jack to its controls. 105°C temperature rating, 600V.
S-CSK-AV35S-CSK-AV35Item ID: 004009A/V Survival Kit, Caig
Caig Audio/Visual Survival Kit. Includes: DeoxIT® DN5MS-15, (Applications = 150 ±) DeoxIT® GOLD GN5MS-15, (Applications = 150 ±) DeoxIT® FaderLube F5MS-H15, (Applications = 100 ±) DeoxIT® D1W, Individual Wipes, 3 each DeoxIT® GOLD G1W, Individual Wipes, 3 each DeoxIT® D100L-2C, (Applications = 50 ± drops, 0.04 ml/drop) DeoxIT® GOLD G100L-2C, (Applications = 50 ± drops, 0.04 ml/drop) DeoxIT® FaderLube F100L-H2C, (Applications = 50 ± drops, 0.04 ml/drop) Lint-free swabs, brushes and cloths Zip-lock pouch (4.5 x 7.5 x 1")
S-T8276S-T8276Item ID: 005773Aligner - Duplex
Butyrate shaft 6 1/8 long with 1/8" wide steel tips. Tip on one end recessed.
S-T8454S-T8454Item ID: 005774Alignment Kit
Contains 5 different tools for all standard adjustments. Includes extend-it" for long reaches. Tools are Delrin packaged in pocket-saver pouch. Tools are: 8282 Zenith type8606 Hex wrench9091 Hex core tooland 9304 double ended tool.
S-T18-530S-T18-530Item ID: 005772Alignment Kit - CB
Contains 5009 Duplex no-metal screwdriver, 5097 K-tran tool, 8271 core aligner, 8282 Zenith alignment tool, 9091 hex iron core tool, 9440 transistor tool, 8276 Duplex aligner and 9304 double end tool.
S-Z370S-Z370Item ID: 004414Analog Multimeter - Volt-Ohm-Millimeter
Intermagnetic version to prevent interference from magnetic fields. Double protection of diode and fuse, transistor hFE test function. DCV: 0.25V, 0.5V, 2.5V, 10V, 50V, 250V 1000V. ACV: 10V, 50V, 250V, 500V,1000V. DCA: 50 uA, 2.5 mA, 25mA, 250mA. Ohms: x1, x10, x1k, x10k. Dimensions: 148mm x 98mm x 41mm
S-CAX30WS-CAX30WItem ID: 003959Axe wipes, Caig metal string cleaner (30 wipes)
Axe Wipes - Metal string cleaner prolongs life, improves sound quality and dissolves oxidation and corrosion on guitar strings. Protects against acid from hand and lubricates for fast smooth movement. 30 wipes.
S-TGTBAS1S-TGTBAS1Item ID: 004325Bass Player Tech Kit, CruzTOOLS GrooveTech
Not wanting to leave bass players out, we developed an alternate kit optimized for low-enders. The hex key set is matched to virtually all bass makes, and the string winder has been removed to save a couple of bucks. Like its guitar brethren, the GrooveTech Bass Kit has top-shelf tools that are lifetime guaranteed, and stored in a pouch that will fit into most gig bags. An Easy Setup Guide will make you comfortable with truss rod, action, pickup, and intonation adjustment.
S-C10-8602S-C10-8602Item ID: 005674Belt and Drive Non-Slip
Prevents slippage and restores proper functions on belts and drive wheels in turntables and tape recorders, especially where the rubber has hardened or become slick. 2 oz jar.
S-TWSA350S-TWSA350Item ID: 004348Bench top smoke absorber, Weller
Keep those fumes out of your face while soldering with this benchtop smoke absorber.


(27 pages)
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