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Tech Supplies

Marksman soldering iron, Weller
Input Voltage: 120, Power Consumption: 40 watts, Tip Temperature: 900ºF, Heating Element Type: Nichrome Wound, fiberglass and ceramic insulated, Fine quality consumer iron, On/Off indicator light, UL listed
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Solder wick, 0.075" diameter
.075" Wide x 5" Long. Great for removing solder from printed circuit boards.
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Punch - Greenlee Chassis, ¾" Diameter
Round hole punches for use in mild steel up to 16 gauge. Make professional chassis punches on your projects. Absolutely no returns unless punch is defective!
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Soldering iron WP35, controlled output, Weller
Input Voltage: 120 Power Consumption: 35 watts Tip Temperature: 850ºF Heating Element Type: Nichrome wound, fiberglass and ceramic insulated Lightweight handle with cushion grip for ease of use and comfort Comes with 1/8" screwdriver tip Stand (S-TPH60) sold separately Three wire grounded power cord for your safety UL listed Stand sold separately (S-TPH60)
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Bulb solder-off, Weller
Removes melted solder by suction
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Soldering iron tip - screwdriver, for WTCPT, 800F, Weller
Restore the performance of your soldering iron by replacing the tip.
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Relieved tapered head Xcelite cutter pliers
Diagonal cutting pliers, Relieved tapered head flush cutter, Allows use between closely spaced components, Green cushion grips
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Serrated jaw pliers, Xcelite
5 ½" Overall Length, 1 ½" Jaw Length
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