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Tech Supplies

Caig - Deoxit Rosin Soldering Flux
Recommended for electrical and electronic soldering applications.
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Tool - Vacuum Base Vise, 40mm
Mini vise perfect for work on tube bases.
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Replacement Springs for Xcelite CN255V
Replacement springs for S-TCN225.
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Polish, Magnolia Glayzit, Restores Bakelite
For restoration of Bakelite. A siliconized polish that restore Bakelite with its blend of premium wax and oil.
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Wire - Magnet, 21 Gauge, 100'
Insulated with two coats of enamel. Perfect for winding coils or transformers. 21 Gauge, 100 foot spool. 105°C temperature rating, 600V.
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Wire - #26 Celanese Covered, 20 ft Minimum per Order!!!!!!
White celanese covered wire, resembling early cotton covered wire, may be color dyed. Cotton wrap, #26 magnet wire. 20 foot minimum. 105°C temperature rating, 600V.
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Belt and Drive Non-Slip
Prevents slippage and restores proper functions on belts and drive wheels in turntables and tape recorders, especially where the rubber has hardened or become slick. 2 oz jar.
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Wire - Hook-Up, Lacquered, 25' Spool, Blue
#20 stranded copper wire with modern insulation and lacquered cotton braid finish. Provides safety and authentic vintage look. 25 foot spool, blue. 105°C temperature rating, 600V.
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